Secluded Elegance Retreat, Almere Overgooi, Netherlands

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Secluded Elegance Retreat in Almere, NL

13 November 2023

Design: OPEN architects | Mulders vandenBerk

Location: Almere, Holland

Secluded Elegance Retreat Almere Overgooi The Netherlands

Photos: Studio de Nooyer

Secluded Elegance: A Private Retreat, Holland

Nestled in Almere Overgooi, a residence stands as a testament to the art of subtlety. This Secluded Elegance Retreat dwelling, designed for a family of five, underscores the importance of privacy, adaptability, and sustainable practices.

Secluded Elegance Retreat Almere Overgooi The Netherlands

Front Concealed, Back Revealed

The deliberate choice to shield the front facade stirred initial concerns with local authorities. However, a strategic placement of the house on its lots resolved the matter, allowing the rear of the house to open up to a spacious garden with a discreet pond, establishing a connection with nature while safeguarding privacy.

Understated Opulence

In contrast to the more extravagant neighbors, this residence employs materials that convey luxury without flamboyance. The emphasis is on elegance through simplicity, avoiding unnecessary displays of affluence.

Secluded Elegance Retreat Almere Overgooi The Netherlands

Functional Ground Spaces

The ground floor serves as the center stage of the residence, accommodating various functions with pragmatic flexibility. Whether hosting guests or facilitating family time, the design seamlessly adapts. Upstairs, bedrooms and guest rooms provide a private retreat, ensuring a clear demarcation between communal and personal spaces.

Sustainable Living, Tactfully Executed

Beyond aesthetics, the home prioritizes sustainability with a practical approach. Thermal heating and solar panels contribute to energy efficiency without ostentatious displays. The orientation of the house maximizes natural light, striking a balance between warmth in winter and shade during hotter seasons.

In Almere Overgooi, where each home is a canvas for individual expression, this private residence stands as a prime example of understated elegance. A retreat for a family that values its own space, yet opens its doors to the beauty of nature and the joy of shared moments.

Secluded Elegance Retreat in Almere, Holland – Building Information

Architect: OPEN architects | Mulders vandenBerk –

Project size 320 m2
Completion date 2021
Building levels 2

Secluded Elegance Retreat Almere Overgooi The Netherlands

Photography: Studio de Nooyer

Secluded Elegance Retreat, Almere, The Netherlands images/information received 020123

Location: Almere, The Netherlands, western Europe

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