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Nijmegen Peninsula Development

Dutch Building Competition: The Netherlands Architecture – design by Baca architects

9 Apr 2010

Nijmegen Peninsula Shortlist

Dutch Building Contest

Design: Baca architects

Young British firm Baca Architects has seen off an international cast of established firms to secure a place in the final stage to design a new peninsula in Holland. The three selected practices include: Baca Architects (London), Mecanoo (Delft) Kuipercompagnons (Rotterdam). Runners up included West 8, Neutelings and 24HR Architecture. One or possibly all three practices are to be selected by the end of the year.

Nijmegen Peninsula, Dutch Architecture Competition
image from Baca architects

Baca’s proposal for a ’Retreat’ combines water recreation, river ecology, flood resilient development and sustainable infrastructure to create a self-sufficient ‘eco-leisure’ destination. It will be an exemplar, integrated solution and showcase for international architectural and technical innovation.

To the north of the main river, low-lying land is to be excavated to make room for seasonal flooding, creating a new protected water arena. Landscape characteristics introduced into the design are river dunes, embankments, low and high areas and dykes. River processes are enhanced and dramatised to create spaces that evolve seasonally as well as in the long-term. New features have been designed to weave harmoniously with the natural setting.

plans ; signature tower ; flood resilient homes:
Nijmegen Peninsula Nijmegen Peninsula Nijmegen Peninsula
images from Baca architects

The proposal unites local history with new ideas and innovation. The line of the old dyke forms the arterial spine from which new housing is organized. A green bridge, spanning the new flood relief channel, is located in place of a section of the old dyke, ‘remembering’ the former defence. The lost Fort Knodsenburg is brought back to life by a public square and activity centre, raised from the historic site, and covered with a living roof and solar PV canopy. A water arena is created in the centre of the relief channel, providing a semi-enclosed water space for water sports, boating and a floating stage to be used for performances.

The new development comprises a 70m tall landmark tower to the east, overlooking the rivers, and a series of 100 luxury homes and holiday lets cascading down to and touching the water and linking with a floating quay. The west of the peninsula is reserved for recreation, nature and seasonal flooding. The waste excavated material from the channel is used to form a ‘hill dyke’ to the north, connecting the peninsula with a major new development in Lent.

Riding school located on site of former fort

The historic Fort Knodsenburg is brought back to life, for the 21st century. New earthworks will elevate, instead of excavating the plan of this historic monument. A giant living roof will extend over a new public square and activity centre for the island. The green roof provides an elevated bridge between the development and nature aspects of the island, and terrific vantage point to view Nijmegen, the Waal and beyond.

Directly over the square a 3000 m2 array of solar PVs will allow dappled light down onto the square and power to the homes on the island.

Viewed from the square a floating stage will be used for performances and events at certain times of the year, with a giant extending screen elevated from the deck.

Overview ; Riding school on located on site of former fort
Nijmegen Peninsula Nijmegen Peninsula Nijmegen Peninsula Nijmegen Peninsula
images from Baca architects

Previously, Aug 2009:

Baca Architects is one of nine international firms invited by the Municipality of Nijmegen to propose ideas for a new peninsula in Holland that will be created as part of an extensive dyke relocation programme to make room for the River Waal.

Nijmegen Peninsula Longlist

24H Architecture, Rotterdam
Atelier Dreiseitl, Uberlingen
Baca Architects, London
Mecanoo Architecten, Delft
Neutelings Riedijk, Rotterdam
Schneider & Schumacher, Frankfurt
Vera Tanovshtchinsky Architectens, Gravenhage
West 8 Architecture, Rotterdam

Nijmegen Peninsula Shortlist images / information from Baca architects

BACA + Mecanoo

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands, northern Europe

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