Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen, Dutch Building by EGM architects, Holland Design Project Photos

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Building

25 Nov 2021

Design: EGM architects

Floating pebbles offer a wonderful setting for sick children and their parents: the new Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen welcomes its first guests.

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Building

Photos by Scagliola + Brakkee

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Design

Warmth and comfort in floating pebbles

A warm and welcoming venue inside the Radboudumc Amalia Children’s Hospital. The new Ronald McDonald Family Room is called ‘The Pebble’. The Family Room consists of futuristic-looking floating pebbles. The soft round shapes with funny eyes and cheerful interiors stimulate the senses of everybody, young and old.

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Building

Sick children and their parents can retreat into a world of peace and privacy inside the Ronald McDonald Family Room of Amalia Children’s Hospital. Escaping from the hospital atmosphere and its operations and examinations, they can enjoy a sense of comfort, safety and security. The entrance is located on the second floor, right next to the nursing wards.

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Building

Being close to one another helps

Having parents, brothers and sisters nearby has a positive effect on the wellbeing and recovery of children. The new Family Room offers a warm and welcoming environment to come together. Anouar, father of Yanis, enjoys visiting the Family Room. “Our son has been admitted to NICU because he requires light therapy. The Family Room helps us forget everything, as weird as that sounds. At the same time, I’m just a few steps away from Yanis.”

‘This is the most beautiful Ronald McDonald Family Room in Europe’
Erny Boots, manager of Ronald McDonald Huis Nijmegen

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Building

Three floating floors

The shape and design of the new Family Room arouses a sense of wonder and offers a pleasant distraction. The Pebble consists of three levels connected by a spiral staircase. In addition to the reception area and a private space to pump breast, there are three cheerful seating areas, a play area and a kitchen. The Family Room therefore offers a range of settings.

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video © Radboudumc

EGM architect Daniel van den Berg: “The look and feel of this design is in perfect sync with the theme of ‘Theatre of Nature’ at Amalia Children’s Hospital. It’s a combination of openness and privacy. The Family Room is suspended between two floors like a series of floating pebbles and stands out because of its rounded shapes. Inside, smooth transitions create cosy spaces full of intimacy and peace.” Interior architects Thoben & Minten elaborated the EGM concept for the spaces.

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Building Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Building

Long-cherished dream

The Family Room is part of the Ronald McDonald House Nijmegen. It provides accommodation for parents, brothers and sisters of children who are admitted to the Radboudumc. Erny Boots, manager of the house in Nijmegen: “The new Family Room is a long-cherished dream and replaces the three units in the hospital that had become too cramped. The design stands out from a distance because visitors coming from the main entrance can see the suspended pebbles from outside. This is the most beautiful Ronald McDonald Family Room in Europe.”

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Building

EGM architects

EGM architects is one of the most innovative and knowledge-intensive architectural firms in the Netherlands. For more than 40 years, we have been pioneers with our sustainable and proactive approach to architecture. The result is a wide range of distinctive facilities for health care, government, education, research, community and business. In the Netherlands and abroad.

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Building

EGM interior is a concept studio with the focus on experience. With internet driven data, digital 3D modelling, software scripting, Evidence-Based Design, environmental psychology and corporate branding we create new, innovative environments. Our team stands for an integrated design approach and provides a wide variety of inspiring projects in healthcare, for governments and cultural institutions, for work environments, leisure and retail.
Powered by EGM is frontrunner in BIM and offers its BIM knowledge and EGM experience with building and engineering to professionals in the design and construction industries in the Netherlands. Powered by EGM offers a total BIM solution: from the preliminary design to the as-built phase, as well as management and maintenance.

EGM r&d. Based on our leading position in the healthcare and public sector, we feel responsible for making an active contribution to research and innovation. We develop instruments and tools, do research and share our findings with clients and other stakeholders. EGM r&d actively contributes to the public debate through blogs, articles, lectures and symposiums.

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen Building

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen, NL- Building Information

Title: Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen
Surface area :124 m² GFA
Design: 2018 – 2020
Opening: November 2021
Location: Geert Grooteplein 10, 6525 GA Nijmegen

Client: Radboudumc, Nijmegen
User: Amalia Children’s Hospital / Ronald McDonald Home Nijmegen
Architect: EGM architects, Dordrecht
Interior architect: EGM interiors, Dordrecht (concept) ; Thoben & Minten, Langenboom (realisation)

Project coordinator: PBB Radboudumc, Nijmegen
Structural advisor: Aronsohn Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Rotterdam
Acoustic / Building physics advisor: Peutz, Zoetermeer
Constructor: Jora Vision, Rijnsburg ; Cornelissen, Boekelsedijk
Installations advisor: Engie, Arnhem

Photography: Scagliola + Brakkee

Ronald McDonald Family Room Nijmegen images / information from EGM architects, 251121

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands, western Europe

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