Arc.Future, Rio de Janeiro Architecture Event, Brazilian Building

Arq Futuro, Rio de Janeiro : Brazilian Architecture Event

Arq Futuro Rio de Janeiro – Architectural Project in Brasil

28 + 23 Mar 2012

Arc.Future Rio de Janeiro

Zaha Hadid and Shigeru Ban will participate of the Arch.Future event

Mar 29 – 30 2012

Arc.Future lands in Rio to discuss architecture as an element of social transformation

On March 29th and 30th, Rio de Janeiro will host an event on contemporary architecture: the second edition of Arc.Future – a project developed by BEĨ. Two of the world’s most respected architects, London-based Iraqi Zaha Hadid and Japan’s Shigeru Ban, will be joining Harvard’s Edward Glaeser and Princeton’s José Alexandre Scheinkman, economists who study urban space, as well as Brazilian urbanists Augusto Ivan Pinheiro and Sérgio Magalhães, to exchange experiences and opinions.

Architect and anthropologist Lauro Cavalcanti is curator of the event, which also features architecture critic André Corrêa do Lago and architecture consultant and writer Karen Stein as debaters. For two days, guests will examine contemporary architecture, considering various artistic, social and environmental perspectives. Some of the topics of discussion will be the aesthetic criteria moving each architect, the education of citizens on major issues and the proposal of possible urban solutions for today’s metropolises.

MAXXI Roma by Zaha Hadid:
Arq Futuro - MAXXI Roma
image : Iwan Baan

Conceived as a space for reflection about the extent of the interaction between architecture and urbanism, Arc.Future will offer forums, lectures, master classes and workshops, to be held at the MAM-RJ (29) and Espaço Tom Jobim (30). All generated content will be recorded and made available later in several formats, including audiovisual material with pictures and exclusive videos, as well as a digital book for tablets.

Pompidou Metz by Shigeru Ban:
Pompidou Metz featured at Arq Futuro, Rio de Janeiro
image : Didier Boy de la Tour

This Rio de Janeiro edition of Arc.Future ( held in São Paulo at the end of last year) is part of a defining moment for the city – resulting from the revitalization of various neighborhoods like the waterfront, the re-urbanization of slums, and the hosting of the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

London Aquatics Centreby Zaha Hadid:
London Aquatics Centre featured at Arq Futuro, Rio de Janeiro
image : Hufton + Crow

“To discuss architecture is to think about the organization of cities, the various ways of living, the different concepts guiding the development of the human environment – a debate whose urgency becomes clear when one considers the proliferation, in Brazil, of all kinds of constructions in direct opposition to geographical, historical and natural sites. The country is going through a moment of major investment and economical growth that is ideal for this discussion,” says Marisa Moreira Salles, one of BEĨ’s directors.

Paper Church – Kobe, Japan by Shigeru Ban:
Shigeru Ban Building
photo : Hiroyuki Hirai

BEĨ’s wants to broaden the discussion about the Brazilian scene, bringing together thinkers and intellectuals of international significance, therefore increasing the dialogue between the very best here and abroad. “The discussion about architecture is linked to the discussion about what supports it economically. We intend to draw the attention of great Brazilian investors – developers, infrastructure builders and businesses – to the country’s most pressing issues”, adds Tomas Alvim, also a director of BEĨ.

Arc.Future – Speakers

Roca London Gallery featured at Arq Futuro, Rio de Janeiro
image from architects
A London-based Iraqi architect, she designed and is currently building the swimming pools for the London Olympic Games. The first woman to receive the Pritzker Prize, in 2004,she also received the Riba Stirling award, in 2010, for her MAXXI project in Rome. Among her best-known projects are the Vitra Fire Station (Weil am Rhein, 1993), the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art (Cincinnati, 1998), the Hoenheim-North Terminus and Car Park (Strasbourg, 2001) and the Bergisel Ski Jump (Innsbruck, 2002).

Centre Pompidou-Metz featured at Arq Futuro, Rio de Janeiro
photo : Roland Halbe
Japanese architect known for his research on wood, textiles and paper, which combines Eastern building traditions with contemporary needs. He works with the concepts of transience and permanence, proposing solutions for emergency situations. Graced with some of the most important international awards, he is also a professor at Kyoto University.

Princeton University professor since 1999, he received his Economics degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and his PhD from University of Rochester. He also writes articles and lectures about the future of Brazilian economy.

Professor of economics at Harvard University, he is also director of the Taubman Center and the Rappaport Institute. Researcher of the relationship between the economy and urban development, he has written several papers on the subject. In his book Triumph of the City: How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier, and Happier, published in 2011, he defends the role of cities as centers for the creation of wealth and the spread of ideas.


Writer and architecture consultant , she has a degree in architecture from Princeton University. She is a member of the Architectural League and co-chairman of the A+D Circle at the Museum of Modern Art, both in New York, as well as a Pritzker Prize juror.

Diplomat, economist and architecture critic, he is director of the Department of Environment and Special Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, and Brazil’s chief negotiator for climate change and the Rio +20 event.

LAURO CAVALCANTI Architect and Ph.D. in social anthropology at UFRJ, he is a professor at the School of Industrial Design (ESDI/UERJ), the director of the Paço Imperial and author of several books and articles on architecture.

Architect and urban planner, he is currently part of the team responsible for planning for the Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro. He is a professor of urban planning at PUC-Rio.

Architect and professor at FAU-UFRJ, he is the author of several books. He has held positions in public administration in Rio de Janeiro, working on housing policy programs. He is an urbanism consultant of the IDB and president of the Institute of Architects of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

BEĨ acts in several areas including art, architecture and photography. BEĨ’s originality, both in content and design, has also culminated in various events, including exhibitions, debates and other cultural projects. Books published include works on Isay Weinfeld, Claudia Moreira Salles, Carlos Motta, Oscar Niemeyer, Ricardo Legorreta, Cristiano Mascaro, Andreas Heiniger and Paul Goldberger (participant of the first edition of Arc.Future).


March 29th (Thursday)
Location: MAM-RJ
12:00 to 14:00 – Forum: Edward Glaeser and José Alexandre Scheinkman

March 30th (Friday)
Location: Espaço Tom Jobim
9:00 to 10:30 – Lecture: Shigeru Ban

11:00 to 12:30 – Forum: Shigeru Ban, Augusto Ivan Pinheiro, Sérgio Magalhães and Lauro Cavalcanti

18:00 to 20:00 – Lecture: Zaha Hadid

March 29th to March 30th
Information and Registration:

Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, 85, Parque do Flamengo

Espaço Tom Jobim
Rua Jardim Botânico, 1.008, Jardim Botânico

Zaha Hadid + Shigeru Ban

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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