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Ecuador Buildings : Architecture

Key Contemporary Architectural Developments in South America

post updated 1 Mar 2020

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Buildings in Ecuador

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Ecuador Architecture. We aim to include architectural projects in South America that are of excellent quality. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and competitions across Ecuador.

Ecuador Buildings – Latest Designs

Ecuador Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Cotacachi House, Imbabura, northern Ecuador
Design: arquitectura x
House in Ecuador Architecture
photo : Sebastian Crespo
Cotacachi House – 4 Apr 2013
A couple from the Caribbean seek retreat amid the northern Andes in a small town, two hours north of Quito, an orchard site in a valley 2470 meters above sea level, between the Imbabura and Cotacachi mountains, to the east and west respectively. The couple needs a design proposal in 4 days before going home, or they will sell the site: we have to design a house without knowing the site and after meeting the couple for two hours.

Algarrobos House, Puembo
José María Sáez + Daniel Moreno Flores
Algarrobos House
photo : Sebastian Crespo
Algarrobos House – 3 Dec 2012
Eight identical steel members, 18 meters long, placed along the x y z axis, confine the space for the house and at the same time open it as they project in different directions. They are abstract beams that are oriented looking for their relationship with the surroundings.

Recent Ecuador Building Design

Triangular House, Puerto Cayo

WE architecture
Triangular House Ecuador Architecture
picture from architects
Triangular House Ecuador
The generous climate and beautiful surroundings of Puerto Cayo represents a unique possibility of developing a future settlement which will attract residents from not only Ecuador but other countries as well. We have tried to develop a house that joins some of the characteristics from both colonial and original housing in Ecuador.

Ecuador Architecture

Major Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Boca dal lobo, Mariscal, Quito
Jose Maria Saez Vaquero
Boca dal lobo Quito
photo : Tom Ravenscroft
Boca dal lobo Quito

Casa Pentimento, La Morita, Quito

Jose Maria Saez Vaquero

Casa San Juan, Centro Histórico, Quito
Jose Maria Saez Vaquero, collaborating with David Barragán + Cristian Mera
Casa San Juan
picture : Tom Ravenscroft

Elefante Blanco, Kennedy Norte III, Guayaquil, Guayas
Elefante Blanco
photo : Iwan Baan
Elefante Blanco

Hardware store, Quito

Arquitectura X
Quito Hardware store Ecuador Architecture
image : Sebastián Crespo
Hardware store

House 3, nr Quito
Arquitectura X
Quito house
photo : Sebastián Crespo
Quito house

House in a tree garden, Quito
Arquitectura X
Quito Property Ecuador Architecture
picture : Sebastián Crespo
Quito Property

Observatory House, Quito
Arquitectura X
Casa Observatorio - new Ecuador Architecture
photo : Sebastian Crespo
Casa Observatorio

X House, Quito
Arquitectura X
Ecuador home
image : Sebastian Crespo
Ecuador home

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Location: Ecuador, South America

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