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Key Contemporary Building Developments in Colombia, South America

post updated 13 February 2024

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Architecture in Colombia

e-architect select what we feel are the most significant examples of Colombian Architecture. Buildings are mostly located in the capital Bogotá. We cover completed Colombian buildings, new building designs and architectural exhibitions. We also post architecture competitions across Colombia.

Bogotá Architecture Tours
Project Jardin El Porvenir Bogota building - Colombian Architecture
Project Jardin El Porvenir by Giancarlo Mazzanti in Bogota – photograph from ‘Colombia : Transformed’ organisers

Colombian Architecture News

27 Oct 2016
Expansion of Bogota’s largest exhibition hall, Corferias
Design: CAZA Architects
Bogota Corferias Master Plan Colombian Architecture
image from architect
Corferias Bogotá Master Plan

Colombian Architecture Event
LIGA 08 Permeability Exhibition, Mexico
plan:b, Medellin, Colombia : Feb – Apr 2013
This is an exhibition that revolves around a recent book, Permeability (Jan 2013), published by the architecture study, Plan:B Architects.

Colombian Building News

Colombian Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Medellin Riverfront Design, north Colombia
Design: Land+Civilization Compositions, Taller 301, openfabric
Medellin Architecture
image by architects
Medellin Riverfront Design
A conceptual framework for the development of the city of Medellin
A river, by definition, refers to movement. Only if we interpret the Medellin River area as a single geographic entity composed of natural elements (fauna and flora) and artificial (history, culture, mobility) do we understand that the opportunity presented by this call goes beyond the area defined for the contest.

La Calera Chapel, Bogotá
Design: Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos
La Calera Chapel Bogotá - Colombian Architecture
photo : Alberto Fonseca
La Calera Chapel, Bogotá, Colombia – added 9 Jan 2013
This chapel building has a basic geometry that tries to alter the territory as little as possible. It uses the natural features of the environment, the wind and the light, to create an essential harmony. The chapel is designed to open to the outside to allow worshipers to gather in mass, this architectural design appeases both small private groups and large public functions.

Los Nogales School Buildings, Bogotá
Design: Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos
Los Nogales School’s Classroom Bogotá Building Colombia
photo : Rodrigo Davila
Los Nogales School Buildings – added 2 Jan 2013
Los Nogales School’s Chapel, is conceived based on human life’s dualities. A pure and elemental prism represents the pureness, the essential and the harmony. The various volumes and cracks that this prism suffers represent the spiritual sense in human lives, therefore harmony’s alterations.

Bogotá Chamber Commerce
Design: Daniel Bonilla
Bogotá Chamber of Commerce Building Colombia
photo : Sergio Gómez
Bogotá Chamber Commerce – added 28 Dec 2012
The building design celebrates the collective value of the program to the city, opening the ground floor space to the public, with a diagonal pass through the building. The tilted first floor plan generates an interesting dynamic to that of the traditional platform space.

Buildings in Colombia – Architecture Exhibition

Colombia : Transformed,

Drury University’s Hammons School of Architecture, Springfield, MO, USA

25 Jan – 1 Mar, 2013

previously at:
Manezh Central Convention Hall, Moscow, Russia
11 – 12 Dec 2012

Orquideorama Botanical Garden, Medellín
Design: Felipe Mesa, plan:b arquitectos
Orquideorama Botanical Garden Colombian Architecture
photograph © Sergio Gomez

Sports Complex for the 2010 South American Games
Design: Plan:b arquitectos + Giancarlo Mazzanti
Sports Complex Colombia Architecture
photograph © Sergio Gomez

Timayui Kindergarten, Santa Marta, Colombia
Design: Giancarlo Mazzanti
Timayui Kindergarten Santa Marta Colombian Architecture
photograph © Jorge Gamboa

La Independencia School, Medellín
Design: Felipe Uribe, +udeB
La Independencia School Building
photograph © Sergio Gomez

Intercontinental Curatorial Project presents its ongoing traveling exhibition Colombia: Transformed at Moscow’s Manezh Central Convention Hall during “Zodchestvo” architectural festival, December 11-12, 2012.

Exhibition curators: Vladimir Belogolovsky and Fernando Villa

Recent Colombian Architecture Designs

Julio Mario Santodomingo Building, Bogotá
Design: Taller de Arquitectura de Bogotá
Julio Mario Santodomingo Building Colombia
photo : Rodrigo Dávila / Andrés Arenas
Julio Mario Santodomingo Building – 10 Dec 2012
The building is conceived as a new element that connects the campus of the University (Universidad de Los Andes), concentrating uses and flows from these parts to the building. It aims to integrate pedestrian through places like the access plaza and the first floor gallery.

Universidad EAN, Bogotá
Taller de Arquitectura de Bogotá
Universidad EAN Colombian Architecture
photograph : Rodrigo Dávila
Universidad EAN Colombia – 7 Dec 2012
Universidad EAN – El Nogal Campus – Classroom building is the result of a competition by invitation, where we propose to set up a university campus where the buildings are as important as the common open spaces. A place where students can meet, study, rest, … a second home for education and fun.

Grand Hyatt Hotel Bogotá
Goettsch Partners
Grand Hyatt Bogota
image from architects
Grand Hyatt Bogotá – 6 Jul 2012
Architecture firm Goettsch Partners has been selected to design the new Grand Hyatt hotel in Bogotá, Colombia, set to be the first Hyatt-branded hotel in the dynamic Latin American city. The new hotel will be a key component of the Ciudad Empresarial Sarmiento Angulo, a premier commercial mixed-use development planned for 18 buildings.

Bogotá International Convention Center – design
Saucier + Perrotte architectes
Bogotá Convention Center
image from Saucier + Perrotte architectes
Bogotá International Convention Center
The Cerros Orientales and Monserrate are defining features of landscape in Colombia and Bogotá’s cityscape. As structuring elements of the city, they exist as the beautiful background against which unfold the lives of the inhabitants of Bogotá. Cradled between the mountains and the river, this stunning landscape gives the city its unique identity.

International Conventions Center of Bogota
Design: Bermudez y Herreros Arquitectos
International Convention Center of Bogota
image from architects
New International Convention Center Bogota
The Government of Colombia, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota and Corferias publicly announced the consortium formed by renowned architects Daniel Bermudez (Colombia) and Juan Herreros (Spain) as the winner of the international architectural design competition for the International Conventions Center of Bogota.

Colombian Architecture

Major Colombia Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Chapel of Porciúncula de la Milagrosa, La Calera, Bogota, central Colombia
Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos

España Library, Santo Domingo, near Medllin, north Colombia
Giancarlo Mazzanti
Biblioteca Pública Santo Domingo
photo : Sergio Gómez
Colombian Library Building

Habitar 72 + Habitar 74 : residential buildings, Bogotá

Giancarlo Mazzanti

Nazca restaurant, Bogotá
Giancarlo Mazzanti + Paula Galarza

Leon de Grief Library Park, La Ladera, Medellín
Giancarlo Mazzanti

Nogales School Chapel Building
Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos

Orquideorama – The Orchid House, Botanical Garden, Medellin
Plan B Architects with JPRCR

Santa Elena House, Medellin
Antonio Sofan
Santa Elena House
photo : Carlos Tobon
Santa Elena Home

Sinu River House, Monteria
Antonio Sofan architect
Sinu River House
photo : Carlos Tobon
Sinu River House

More Colombian Building projects online soon

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