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Architectural Developments in the Middle East: Contemporary United Arab Emirates Built Environment Design

post updated 3 November 2021


Architecture in Dubai

e-architect select the best and most interesting new Dubai Buildings. Our focus is on contemporary UAE buildings.

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Burj Khalifa tower
image from the architect

Dubai Architect

Dubai Architecture

Key Dubai Building Projects, United Arab Emirates, arranged chronologically:

O-14 tower, Business Bay
Design: RUR Architecture – Reiser + Umemoto
0-14 tower Dubai
picture from architect
O-14 Tower Dubai
O-14 comprises 300,000 sqft of floor area. The building design is intriguing and one of the most unusual in the UAE – eschewing the glassy elevations of typical towers it uses an asymmetric matrix skin that ripples in and out in plan and features numerous circular apertures.

Burj Al Alam tower
Design: Nikken Sekkei
Burj Al Alam tower Dubai Buildings
image from architect
Burj Al Alam tower
This tower building in Dubai features a crown that includes a sky garden, club facilities and a spa. The skyscraper design includes a full curtain wall system, with three external curtain wall ‘petals’. This Dubai skyscraper building will offer offices and serviced apartments. The tower building is designed to accentuate the view of Business Bay Creek on the South side and the Burj Dubai tower on the North.

Dubai Opera House Building
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Dubai Opera House
picture from architect
Dubai Opera House
This is a cultural centre building in the new Seven Pearls district of Dubai. The development will include an opera house, playhouse, arts gallery, performing arts school and themed hotel on an island in Dubai Creek just off the mainland part of the district.

Burj Khalifa : tallest building in world
Design: SOM Architects
Burj Dubai Tower
photo from architect
Burj Khalifa Skyscraper
The world’s tallest building, at 828m high, Burj Khalifa. Adrian Smith designed Burj Khalifa while at the Chicago office of SOM. Smith’s design of the form of the building is geometric in plan, starting with three branches and three pods. Setbacks occur at each program element, decreasing the tower’s mass as it rises toward the sky. At the tower’s top, the central core emerges and is sculpted to form a finishing spire.

Burj al Arab Hotel
Architects: Atkins
Burj al Arab Hotel
photograph from architect
Burj al Arab Dubai – the world’s tallest hotel
This 321m tower has become a landmark building in Dubai. The hotel is located 300m out to sea on a man-made island, and is designed in the shape of a giant sail. Part of the drama is the setting away from the crush of towers inland, with dramatic views along the beaches towards this unusually-shaped building.

Dubai Building Projects, A-F, alphabetical:

2CDE Dubai Building
Design: Atkins
2CDE Dubai Buildings
Dubai architecture – image © from Atkins
UAE skyscraper

21st Century Tower
21st Century Tower Dubai Buildings
photo from architect office
21st Century Tower

Ajman Municipal headquarters building
Design: a-lab
Ajman Municipal headquarters
render from architect firm
Ajman architecture : UAE design contest

Al Mas Tower
Al Mas Tower Dubai Buildings
architecture photo from architect
Al Mas Tower Dubai

Al Salam Tecom Tower Building
Al Salam Tecom Tower
image from architect practice
Al Salam Tecom Tower

The Apeiron – building proposal
Design: Sybarite
The Apeiron Dubai Buildings
image from architect
Dubai hotel building

Beach Front Hotel
Beach Front Hotel
architecture image from architect
Beach Front Hotel building

Business Bay Executive Towers
Architects: Atkins
Business Bay Executive Towers
picture from architect
Business Bay Towers

Capital Centre Hotel
Design: RMJM Architects
Capital Centre Hotel Dubai Buildings
image from architect
Capital Centre Hotel Building

Chelsea Tower
Architects: Atkins
Chelsea Tower Dubai Buildings
picture from architect
Chelsea Tower Building

Cluster Complex Dubai
Design: Denton Corker Marshall
Cluster Complex Dubai Buildings
image from architect
Cluster Complex Dubai

Code Unique Hotel
Design: Söhne & Partners, Architects
Code Unique Hotel
render from architect
Code Unique Hotel

DSEC Commercial Tower
Architects: Atkins
DSEC Commercial Tower
render from architect
DSEC Commercial Tower Building

Dubai International Convention Centre
RMJM Architects
Dubai Convention Centre
photo from architects studio
Dubai Convention Centre Building

ETA Hotel Building
Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
ETA Hotel Dubai Buildings
picture from architecture office
Dubai hotel architecture

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