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02 Mudon Dubai Garden Residence

14 August 2021

Design: NGS Architects

Location: Dubai, UAE

Dubai Residence Landscape

02 Mudon Dubai home pool stepping stones

02 Mudon Dubai Landscape Architectural Project

This Dubai property project contains a:


This is the center of the project and is pivotal to the arrangement and architecture of the whole project. The Man cave/Spa was created for the work-at-home parent as a result of the Covid Pandemic. The Man Cave / Spa was created to allow the homeowners to work from home and at the same time enjoy the amenities that came along with the rest of the design whilst also the ability to keep an eye on the movement of the kids. The client believes that the landscape of a home is as important as living in the home hence why the clients chose to invest heavily in the beautiful aesthetic component of their garden.

02 Mudon Dubai Garden property swimming pool


It’s an overflow feature pool with hydrotherapy jets, water curtain, and nozzles, Year-round temp control with an additional heater for the hydro pool. It works on a salt chlorine generator system which produces the best form of chlorine, fully Integrated control panel with timers for filtration, lights and remote control for hydro jets. It’s a preformed type tiled pool, and has a filtration system for clear sparkling water. It consists of a waterfall feature and two perimeter water fountains.

BBQ Area

A one-piece Marble slab structure (3m in length and 1-meter depth) with storage underneath. It has a stainless steel BBQ pit as well as a lighting system/sink and stainless steel smoke extract feature. It sits adjacent to the raised terrace overlooking the pool which makes for an enjoyable experience at all times of the day

02 Mudon Dubai Garden Residence pergola

What was the project brief?

The initial design and structure of this project are inspired from the clients/family lifestyle as well as the current economic situation, Nabil says. A lot of projects during this period have been modified to cater towards the effects of the pandemic situation.

The unique lifestyle of this family allowed for a larger scope of creativity. A family consisting of three young children, husband and wife, and a close net family of brothers, sisters, and Parents/Grandparents, the client’s work-life had changed. The pandemic resulted in them spending more time at home, halted all business travels, and the need to create a harmonious environment whereby everyone’s needs could be met. The set out would function as a workplace/ to cater for family members to get together as well as a place to relax and act as holiday destination at the same time.

The clients brief was very concise, to create zones for Greeting Guests, Work, Play Area for the Kids, Swim/Spa, an Outdoor Dining, and BBQ area overlooking the Pool. The Project was to be fully automated (sound/light/Wi-Fi) and controlled from the palm of their hands.

02 Mudon Dubai Garden Residence by NGS Architects

Main design inspiration:

The initial exercise comprised of space planning whereby we could optimize efficiency for each space. We then looked at the efficiency of how the spaces were going to be used and the interconnectivity of those spaces to each other. Safety was a very important aspect for the client as they have three young children under the age of ten. Glass barriers with barrier doors were placed to prevent access to pool areas unsupervised. The final stage was to create a precedent study and a design concept that met the client’s brief.

Dubai property garden extension timber wall

Main architectural feature:

The landscape Architecture was mindfully created to allow for a dreamy experience whereby one would feel to be in a different world to that of the villa structure. The contrast somehow works to serve the property as a unique whole. The arabesque modern touch to the villa with the contemporary minimal touch of the garden brings two worlds together in harmony during the daytime as well as the nighttime. There are several practical and useful features throughout.

The extended terrace to the back allows the family to seat all together to appreciate the swimming pool and not worry about space constraints.

The extended terrace is connected to the BBQ which allows for easy access.

The existing wooden pergola legs were taken out and the pergola was strung back by high tension s/s wire rods to free up space for movement.

The walking path in front of the Man Cave allows the children to play with their bikes in a circular/triangular motion.

Glass barrier gates protect all from injury whether it be for children accessing the pool unattended by adults or people falling due to level differences.

The uniqueness of the design has to be the Man Cave / Spa with the bi-folding doors and rear landscape pictured garden. This structure holds the outdoor Shower / Toilet / Changing Areas as well as the indoor pantry / Bar / Entertainment and office area for the clients. It is positioned to be easily accessed by all. It is the main hub. The exterior wooden cladding that follows through to the ceiling of the interiors acts as a homage to the abundance of floral nature to the perimeter of the property as well as the community as a whole. It is one with nature beautifully exhibited.

Dubai Landscape Architectural Project

Main design challenge:

The family was living on the premises during the interior and exterior workmanship of the project. Workers were constantly moving around at all times inside and outside so the management had to be done very carefully with a lot of care taken.

Working with sub-contractors and coordinating all the disciplines.
Pool excavation and civil works happening at the same time was very difficult as there was only one double door entry and exit, so waste material and excess soil needed to be taken from the site numerous times.

Breaking the existing boundary planter box wall as it was taking up too much space. Erecting a more efficient space-saving planter box wall, waterproofing it, and adding all the necessary details while keeping all foliage alive.

Catering to additions and variations throughout the project and coordinating all disciplines.
Relocating the Phone data chamber with optical fibers located where the entrance water feature was proposed, a very delicate operation.

Major sustainable aspects:

All Materials were sourced locally, water systems for planting and pool are programmed to saving water. All waste was disposed as per UAE municipality.

Dubai outdoor shower pergola sunshine

Walled Garden Residence in Dubai, UAE – Building Information

Category: Outdoor / Landscape Architecture
Project Name: 0/2 Mudon
Start date: 11/20
Completion date: 04/21
Design Studio: NGS Architects
Lead architect: Nabil Sherif
Website: www.ngsarchitects.com

Cost: 800/1 Million AED
Total Area: Approx 5,500 Sqft landscape Area
Property type: 5 Bedroom villa

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Location: Dubai, UAE

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