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Langvang Multifunctional Sports Centre, Randers

Arenas for Activities and Events design by Elkiær + Ebbeskov and LETH & GORI

10 Mar 2014

Langvang Multifunctional Sports Building

Design: Elkiær + Ebbeskov and LETH & GORI

A team lead by architects Elkiær + Ebbeskov and LETH & GORI has been announced as the winner of Randers Municipality and The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sport Facilities’ competition for the Langvang Multifunctional Sports Building. The proposal by E+E and LETH & GORI was selected after a 2-phased competition. Competing teams were led by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, CEBRA, COBE and Kontur.

Langvang Multifunctional Sports Centre in Randers
image: BLOOM Images

The 5.300m2 large project with a budget of 52.6 mil. DKK is a combined sports hall and community centre consisting of a series of different multifunctional arenas for activities and events. The programme includes indoor athletics facilities with a 200m running track, 60m running track, and facilities for high jump, long jump, pole vault, javelin, discus, hammer throw and short put, along with different arenas for sports, a 200m roller skating track, play areas, dressing rooms, offices and meeting facilities for the sports clubs and a café.

Langvang Multifunctional Sports Centre
image: BLOOM Images

The building is based on an idea of double programming of space – for example double use of the indoor running tracks for roller skating or fencing. Another example is mattresses for athletics that are used for martial arts and high rope climbing routes. A unique space designed especially for women double functions as a dance hall and a multipurpose hall for meetings, concerts, theatre or parties. The roof of the building is also designed as an activity landscape which facilitates runners, skaters, bikes, roller skating and skiing in wintertime.

It is a type of multifunctional sports building we have not seen before and maybe the most innovative one ever (…). It will be a sculptural building that merges with the surrounding nature and dissolve the borders between being active inside and outside. (…)
Torben Frølich, director of The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sport Facilities

In addition to the building the competition also included a masterplan of the surrounding areas for sports and recreation.

A melting pot
The vision for the Langvang project is to create a place where differences can meet. It is a project where inside and outside melts together and where professional and recreational programmes can meet and co-exist in an open and inviting environment. The project releases the unique potential of the site by creating a unique meeting place where people can be active individually and as a community. A new sports landmark in Randers.

In Randers we have a dream of creating a new hub for sport and activity. A unique place for allcitizens of Randers. A place that unites sport, integration, health and nature. Our aim is to make a success, that will create precedent in the whole country, as well as abroad.
Claus Omann Jensen, Mayor of Randers

The Langvang project is an open invitation to everyone despite age, experience and physique. The building and surround landscape supports events and activities of all kind.

Langvang Multifunctional Sports Centre by Elkiær + Ebbeskov and LETH & GORI
image: BLOOM Images

Langvang Multifunctional Sports Centre images / information from Elkiær + Ebbeskov and LETH & GORI

LETH & GORI Architects on e-architect

Location: Randers, Denmark, northern Europe

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