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Moesgård Museum Extension, Denmark

Historic Architecture with new Aarhus Building, Jutland design by Henning Larsen Architects.

posted 7 Jan 2016

A tour around and inside the new Moesgård Museum in Aarhus, Denmark:

Film on YouTube

Moesgård Museum, Denmark, filmed with a drone:

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30 Mar 2014

Moesgård Museum Building

Location: Århus, Jylland, Danmark

Design: Henning Larsen Architects

e-architect director Isabelle Lomholt visited (on 29 Mar) the new Moesgård Museum Extension designed by Henning Larsen Architects:

Moesgaard Museum extension Aarhus building
photo © Rógvi N. Johansen

Driving down the tree lined avenue towards Moesgård, it would be fair to say, my expectations were high. I have missed and loved this place in equal measures for years. In my early childhood my mother would drive my sister and me here in our rusty Renault 4, and we would spend afternoons looking at the reconstructed Stone-age and Iron-age dwellings, sometimes there would also be a travelling exhibition, and there would always be The Grauballe Man, a bog body of a man dating from the late 3rd century BC, early Germanic Iron Age.

Moesgaard Museum building extension Aarhus
photo © Henning Larsen

This was always a magic place. The museum was housed in the red brick barn buildings of what used to be Moesgård Mansion. I felt a slight apprehension when hearing of the new Henning Larsen Architects home for Moesgård, but I have to admit after my all too short external visit there yesterday – I am delighted, and truly look forward to spending a day or two exploring both the outside and inside of this massive unobtrusive building, and of course to say hello to my old friend The Grauballe Man again.

new Moesgård Museum in Aarhus, Denmark

new Moesgård Museum in Aarhus, Denmark landscape

new Moesgaard Museum Extension Aarhus, Denmark design

A new museum building is presently under construction at Moesgård and will open in autumn 2014.

Moesgaard Museum building extension Aarhus

Moesgaard Museum building Aarhus
photo © Isabelle Lomholt

From 1st October 2012 until autumn 2014 the exhibitions at Moesgård Museum in Højbjerg will be closed to allow for preparations and relocation to the new museum building. However, you can visit Odder Museum and the Viking Museum in Aarhus instead.

new Moesgaard Museum Extension Aarhus, Denmark interior

new Moesgaard Museum Extension Aarhus interior design

In 2011, Moesgård Museum, which was already responsible for the Viking Museum in Aarhus, merged with Odder Museum – and thus Moesgård Museum is now a museum located at three sites.

19 Jul 2011

Moesgård Museum – photos of the existing main building / Hovedbygning:

Hovedbygningne, Moesgaard
photo : Rógvi N. Johansen, Foto / medie afd. Moesgård

Moesgård Museum Denmark
photo : Rógvi N. Johansen, Foto / medie afd. Moesgård

Moesgård Museum Aarhus Building children
photo : Rógvi N. Johansen, Foto / medie afd. Moesgård

12 Jul 2011

Moesgård Museum Extension

Århus, Denmark

Design: Henning Larsen Architects

The rectangularly shaped roof plane seems to grow out of the landscape and during summer it will form an area for picnics, barbeques, lectures and traditional Midsummer Day’s bonfires.

Moesgård Museum Århus Moesgård Museum Aarhus Moesgård Museum Denmark Moesgård Museum Building

The interior of the Moesgård Museum Extension building is designed like a varied terraced landscape inspired by archaeological excavations gradually unearthing the layers of history and exposing lost cities. The visitor can move through a vivid sequence of exhibitions and scientific experiments – like a traveller in time and space.

Moesgård Museum Extension Århus Moesgård Museum Extension Aarhus Moesgård Museum Extension Denmark Moesgård Museum Building Aarhus

With its bright courtyard gardens, terraces and small cave-like “houses-in-the-house”, the Moesgård Museum Extension will invite various new and alternative kinds of exhibitions. The heart of the building is the foyer with a café and outdoor service. From the foyer, the terraced underworld opens up to the light from the roof garden and the impressive view of the Aarhus Bay.

Moesgård Museum Moesgård Museum Building Denmark Moesgård Museum Building Århus Moesgård Museum Building Aarhus

Moesgård Museum Århus – Building Information

Location: Moesgaard, south of Århus, Denmark
Client: Moesgård Museum
Gross floor area: 16,000 sqm
Year of construction: 2010-13
Type of assignment: First prize in invited competition

Moesgård Museum Extension images / information from Henning Larsen Architects

new Moesgaard Museum Extension Aarhus building design : Henning Larsen

Location: Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus, Denmark, northern Europe

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