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17 Mar 2018

LETH & GORI Architects News

Asyl, Copenhagen, Denmark

An exhibition by Marie Jagd

Opening Friday the 23rd of March @16-20.

With an original window from the castle ‘Næsseslottet’ as a starting point, Marie Jagd investigates the window and its view both as a metaphor and a specific building component.

Asyl exhibition by Marie Jagd artwork:
Asyl exhibition by Marie Jagd artwork
image courtesy of architects

The word Asyl [asylum] derives from Greek and means sanctuary. In 1984 Næsseslottet was the first Danish asylum under the Red Cross. As a consequence of the Islamic revolution in 1979 and the war between Iran and Iraq 48 Iranian refugees came to Denmark. That was a big number at the time and after a period of abandonment and decay the castle was adapted to an asylum in one night.

The exhibition is open Monday to Friday 10 – 17 until the 27th of April 2018.

The exhibition has been created at the Danish Art Workshops
It is kindly supported by Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse, Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond and Rudersdal Kommune.

Thanks to Peter Jensen and Broncestøberiet.

Marie Jagd (f. 1986) lives and works in Copenhagen. She is a graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 2014. Marie Jagd’s work spans between art, architecture and literature. She investigates the relation between body, mind and architectural/ sculptural space.

17 Sep 2017
VESSELS, Copenhagen, Denmark

An exhibition by Jonathan Houser

Exhibition opening 22nd September 16.00 – 21.00
LETH & GORI, Absalonsgade 21B, 1658 København V

Opening of Architect Jonathan Houser’s exhibition VESSELS on Friday the 22nd of September @16.00.

VESSELS is an exhibition that shows three architectural models of time and space. Three Vessels, some to be understood as concrete ships for travelling, and all, as metaphorical containers of ideas about architecture. A memorial for perished war sailors, a house for moths and a generation star ship, together form a temporal span embodying the past, the present and the future in an attempt at capturing the frailty of the moment and the vastness of eternity in the formal language of architecture.

VESSELS exhibition by Jonathan Houser at LETH & GORI Copenhagen

The works presented in the exhibition are all experiments in finding a poetic narrative for the art of building that is founded on ideas harvested outside the realm of architecture and the mainstream spectacle of our blogging times. Thus, a sonar image form the seabed off the coast of France becomes the proposal for a memorial that sends and echo from the past into the future, forming a wooden relief exactly modelled and transferred via digital crafting, the fading outlines of a Danish cargo ship sunken in 1944.

Holometabola, the metamorphosis of moths and butterflies inside their cocoon, that completely rearranges every molecule of their organisms, from larvae to liquid to winged creatures of the night, becomes the founding principle for a temporary pavilion that re-interprets motives from the baroque period. The Circular River as imagined by Botticelli in the etchings for Dantes Divine Comedy is turned into the concept for a star ship that is destined for eternal travel through interstellar space driving the cinematic narrative of a documentary film.

The exhibition is open during office hours monday – friday until the 22nd of October.

4 Aug 2017
Concrete Conspiracies, Copenhagen, Denmark

Exhibition opening 11th of August 2017 @17.00

Venue: Absalonsgade 21B, Vesterbro, Copenhagen

An installation by Mia Fryk and Spacegirls

The opening of CONCRETE CONSPIRACIES by Mia Fryk and Spacegirls takes place on Friday the 11th of August @17-22.00

CONCRETE CONSPIRACIES brings together work by Mia Fryk and Spacegirls (Cisse Bolholt and Elisabeth Gellein) exploring how the spaces around us determine the ways that we relate to one another.

Concrete Conspiracies exhibition by LETH & GORI architects Copenhagen
image from architect

The show is a collaborative effort that combines concrete sculptures and object forms that are drawn from the familiar built environment. Scale is minimized but the material used throughout the installation remains the same, concrete forms are reconfigured to explore the physical effects of the city, bringing these experiences down to the level of intimacy and interaction. The grid of the city determines how we interact with one another and it is these in-between spaces, formed beyond the exterior of the building, that the installation focuses on.

Concrete Conspiracies explores architecture as a conspiracy, as a ‘secret plan’ that physically guides social actions and interactions.

The exhibition is open to the public Monday – Friday 10-17 until 15th of September
Follow the project on www.concreteconspiracies.com.

Buildings by LETH & GORI

Previous Projects by this Danish architecture office:

3 Jan 2012
Lidköping Police Headquarters Building, Sweden
Lidköping Police Building
images from architects office
Lidköping Police Building, design by LETH & GORI
Lidköping Police Building is LETH & GORI’s proposal in the open competition for a new police headquarter and public parking facilities in Lidköping, Sweden. The project site is an open square on the border of Lidköping’s historical urban plan from 1672. The site is an important entrance point to the historic city and one of the design objectives of the competition was how to emphasize this.

page updated 26 Oct 2016 with new images ; 1 Sep 2014
The New House of Hungarian Music, Budapest, Hungary
Hungarian Music House Design Competition
images from architects studio
The New House of Hungarian Music competition entry
The New House of Hungarian Music frames a richness of diverse spaces for experience, learning and relaxing that support the educational development and understanding of the nature of sound and the origin of music.

16 Jun 2014
Brick House in Nyborg, Fyn, Denmark
Brick House
photograph : STAMERS KONTOR
Brick House in Nyborg
LETH & GORI’s Brick House is a project that creates innovation by reinventing history. By revisiting materials and solutions from historic houses which have proven to be robust and have a long life span a new type of contemporary sustainable house is created.

10 Mar 2014
Langvang Multifunctional Sports Building, Randers, Denmark
Design: Elkiær + Ebbeskov and LETH & GORI
Langvang Multifunctional Sports Centre1
image : BLOOM Images
Multifunctional Sports Centre in Randers, Denmark
A team lead by architects Elkiær + Ebbeskov and LETH & GORI has been announced as the winner of Randers Municipality and The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sport Facilities’
competition for the Langvang Multifunctional Sports Building. The proposal by E+E and LETH
& GORI was selected after a 2-phased competition. Competing teams were led by Dorte
Mandrup Arkitekter, CEBRA, COBE and Kontur.

More architecture projects by LETH & GORI online soon

Location: Absalonsgade 21B, Copenhagen V 1658, Denmark

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