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Germanina Agriculture Farm Building

Cypriot Property design by sparch Sakellaridou / Papanikolaou Architects & Ch. Marathovouniotis

28 Mar 2015

Design: sparch Sakellaridou/ Papanikolaou Architects & Ch. Marathovouniotis

Location: Cyprus

2nd PRIZE, International Architectural Competition in two Phases, 2011 & 2013

A site, an old farm, for which we were asked to propose a business and architectural approach as well as to form a complete philosophy of hospitality.

Germanina Agriculture Farm in Cyprus
images courtesy of architects

Germanina Agriculture Farm in Cyprus Building

The goal is to transform the site into a hospitality experience, the feeling of space and program into the art of experience, the actions into a viable and flexible development program.

Germanina Agriculture Farm

The raw material_the limit, the diffusion, the center
The border: The listed buildings demarcate the central outdoor space with their shape, they accumulate the cultural activities, touristic infrastructure, hospitality, relaxation and entertainment programs (Interactive Museum, Agri-tourism, Baths, Accommodation). The enhancement of uses with reversible constructions of (container) type in a discreet relationship with the listed buildings reinforces the concept of limit and functions as a transitional element from and to the central area (Central Square), into the diffusion area (Natural Element).

Germanina Agriculture Farm

The diffusion: The outdoor space that surrounds the existing building complex is designed as a “productive scenery”, acquires discrete interfering and takes an equal part in the interactive experience of the Farm (Experimental and Educational Crops, Artist Guesthouses, Track Networks, Shaded Paths).

Germanina Agriculture Farm

The center: the role of the central outdoor area, the melting pot of two worlds, the old and the new, as well as of various functions is strengthened. Its size that acquires public space characteristics, is transformed into a Central Square in the Farm, while a flexible use to the viability of the Complex is sited under the ground (Multiple Use Center). The new building mass is partly concealed, while the shape of the Square, a flowing installation of water and glass, makes the Farm an urban space.

Germanina Agriculture Farm

Architectural operations_the art of experience
We form the program following and giving prominence to the historical and morphological structure of the Farm. We preserve and renovate, we restore and rebuild. We demolish and recycle. We reuse the raw material and restore what we preserve. We renew the existing by working out the new, either by concealing it under the earth, or as a reversible choice, as an architectural object in a discrete dialogue with the existing. We listen to the harmony of the Farm closely and configure the overall approach introducing a rhythm of continuity and discontinuity, of intension, emphasis and pause.

Germanina Agriculture Farm

We transfuse the lively character of a multiple activities and experiences crossroad center without altering the historical and evidential relationship between listed buildings and empty space and we also use the concept of the “revival” of the Farm metaphorically, designing the water element in a swirling and moving way.

Germanina Agriculture Farm

We incorporate the big new building mass in the ground under the Square, bolstering the through circulation of the Farm.

Germanina Agriculture Farm

We demarcate and infuse the “productive” Farm scenery with greenery and the planting of local varieties. We bolster the silence of the scenery, the scents, the colors, the optical escapes.

In that framework, concepts as program and viability, balance and concealment, fluidity, limit diffusion as well as stasis and movement are unbreakably organized in a continuous and cohesive handling of the all.

Germanina Agriculture Farm

Germanina Agriculture Farm – Building Information

Architectural design:
Rena Sakellaridou, Morpho Papanikolaou (Sparch Architechts) and Christos Marathovouniotis
Collaborators: N. Apergis, I. Kloni, E. Papaevangelou, V. Arvanitis, V. Yiannakis, M. Chatziioannidou (Phase A),
E. Papaevangelou, G. Papanikolaou (Phase B)
Students of architecture: G. Kontominas, I. Tatli, S. Stylidis (Phase B)
Consultans: P. Kinatos, I. Pagonis, K. Polychronopoulos (Civil Engineers), I. Papagrigorakis (Mechanical Engineer), A. Tabathani (Electrical Engineer), A. Agisilaos (Surveyor Engineer), S. Barbarian (Landscape Architect)

Germanina Agriculture Farm

Germanina Agriculture Farm images / information from sparch Sakellaridou/ Papanikolaou Architects & Ch. Marathovouniotis

Location: Cyprus, southeast Europe

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