Flower Restaurant Design Italy, Milan Conceptual Project on Bridge

Flower Restaurant Italy : Concept Design

Flower Restaurant Building in Milan design by OAM Architecture

20 Jun 2012

Flower Restaurant Project

Bridge Limpet

Design: OAM Architecture


The structure called the announcement “viewpoint” is structurally independent from the existing bridge and will be supported by pillars of which will be anchored to the bottom of the river with reinforced concrete foundation and micropiles. The main structure consists of two floors “United” through boomerang beams of laminated wood that will form two ideologically hemispheres.

Flower Restaurant Flower Restaurant design Flower Restaurant Building Flower Restaurant Concept Design
pictures from architect

A hemispherical outer characterize the pedestrian viewpoint always accessible.

Access through the walkway attached to the bike path will be reach the vantage point outside that will stay suspended over the river in perfect.

Safety admiring the landscape, especially during hours when the sun goes down. A small area of Access to the parking structure will drop their own bikes.

The indoor facility will be divided into two parts with an area on the ground floor with a short stop a cafe with wi-fi. Also find the kitchen is the entire service structure that exclusive of local health services.

The ground floor also part in the hottest periods along the scenic spot will be opened so to have a natural ventilation and excellent thermal comfort.

At the top you can dine either during the day and in the evening in full tranquility. Given the openness of the upper room, the spaciousness and natural light will be the ability to organize events and exhibitions open to the public.

From both areas, ground floor and first floor, you can have full view of the point through huge panoramic windows that will travel throughout the structure

Flower Restaurant Flower Restaurant design Flower Restaurant Building Flower Restaurant Concept Design
pictures from architect

Flower Restaurant project images / information from OAM Architecture

OAM Architecture is a studio in Milan (www.oamarc.com)

Location: Milan, Italy

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