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Loft in a Loft, Italy : Concept Design

Loft Building, Milan – design by OAM Architecture & Itinerant Office

15 May 2012

Loft in a Loft Project

Micro Living – Densified Living Space

Design: OAM Architecture & Itinerant Office

Loft in a Loft project (OAM Architecture & Itinerant Office) comes from the idea of creating a building that can adapt to a densified urban context, presenting a vertical structure that has as the main objective to seek the light in less conventional spots. In this sense, the velux windows have a key role in the building, providing all areas of the loft with natural light, at every hour of the day.

Loft in a Loft Loft design Loft in a Loft project Loft in a Loft design

The building is divided into 6 blocks that want to rework the classic structure of a town house, with pitched roofs. Moreover, the inclination of the roof, allows to maximize the use of velux and consequently to provide all the rooms a large amount of natural light.

Each block, has a different inclination of the pitches, depending on the room and the amount of light that needs to be obtained.
The two ground floor blocks’ of the building are the garage and the entrance. From both buildings can access to the kitchen, which is located on the second floor. The upper floors (4-5-6) host the bedrooms and a dressing room shared by two rooms. The top floor is situated at an altitude of about 15 m and has a small garden house, an unconventional way for a town house to offers the possibility of having an air-conditioned garden throughout the year.

Since the building has been designed for high density areas, it has been decided to distribute the windows only on the pitched roofs of the building, to get more natural light at different hours of the day and to improve the privacy. The types of velux that have been used for this building are two:
the FDY-V U3 duet Prosky and FGH-V P2 gallery.

Loft in a Loft Loft design Loft in a Loft project Loft in a Loft design

The first type, is the most used throughout the building. In most of the rooms (hall, bedrooms and dressing-room) it will ensure the opening of velux hand, while in other cases, they are inserted in the less accessible spots, with the objective to provide light to the environment, without the necessity to be opened. Despite this, in these cases it is expected the possibility to install an electrical control.

The FGH-V P2 gallery roof window is inserted in two rooms, with a total of 4 windows of this type.
In the kitchen, two FGH-V P2 gallery roof windows have been inserted to provide light to the dining room, one of the most used spaces of the house.

The other two FGH-V P2 are installed in the garden house, to ensure a constant ventilation during the warmer months and to enjoy the view over the city.

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OAM Architecture is a studio in Milan ( and Itinerant Studio is based in Madrid (

Location: Milan, Italy

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