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Cun Panda Nana Control Bar Zhangzhou, Fujian

22 May 2022

Architects: Panda Nana

Location: Zhangzhou, Fujian, Fujian Province, Southeast China

This CUN PANDA NANA l Control Bar in Zhangzhou

Cun Panda Nana Control Bar Zhangzhou


CUN PANDA NANA l Control Bar in Zhangzhou

Joy is never under our control, but happiness is another thing. We can take control of the predictable happiness tonight, the aimless journey tonight, the plot of a story, and the direction of the future.

Cun Panda Nana Control Bar Zhangzhou

What is the future? The present is the future of the past; the future is the future of the present. Based on the brand concept of CONTROL, PANDA NANA extracts the city spirit of Zhangzhou to interpret the alcohol culture exclusive to CONTROL through an extremely mechanical, technological, and futuristic space experience.

Cun Panda Nana Control Bar Zhangzhou

We will fight with all our might the fanatical, senseless and snobbish religion of the past, a religion encouraged by the vicious existence of museums. We rebel against that spineless worshipping of old canvases, old statues and old bric-a-brac, against everything which is filthy and worm-ridden and corroded by time. We must have the courage to rebel against everything.
——Manifesto of the Futurist Painters, by Umberto Boccioni

Roughness, Avant-garde, Fearlessness
will be the essential factor of space

Cun Panda Nana Control Bar Zhangzhou

Breaking the traditional definition of ‘Cocktail & Whisky Bar’, the project reflects the rough, avant-garde, and fearless aesthetics derived from futurism through the interior constructed by artistic sense and technology, creating an illusion of being in a future world. Starting from the facade, the twisted network has been transformed into a part of the building, where the two-dimensional wall brings a three-dimensional visual effect, thereby transforming the ordinary facade into a beautiful sculpture. At the same time, it adds more positive visual appeal to attract more consumers and promote consumption.

Cun Panda Nana Control Bar Zhangzhou

The entire space breaks all frames and definitions. From the exterior to the interior, round curves and grids fill the entire space with a modern digital atmosphere. In addition, whether it is the astronaut at the entrance or the “unborn human beings” at the bar, the installations are specially created for CONTROL. The design has increased space recognition and provided consumers with an internet-famous place to take the perfect moments and post on social media, thus attracting more young curious customers.

Cun Panda Nana Control Bar Zhangzhou

The magnificent world has acquired a new beauty
The beauty of speed
becomes rich and graceful

Just like futuristic paintings, the interior design presents dynamic aesthetics, using organic curves and changing light to bring an immersive multi-sensory experience.
The three-dimensional visual network wall composed of organic curves breaks the sense of boundary and axial relationship in the space. It also breaks the horizontal and vertical composition and presents a pioneering visual experience.

Zhangzhou whiskey bar building

Light and color are the themes of the space. The lighting can change the color and flickering frequency according to different music styles and scenes, giving consideration to all kinds of consumers. When the light is reflected on the stainless steel wall, the whole light spreads in every corner of the space, making the space experience completely immersive. The whole space is endowed with a sense of transformation and movement brought by light and color.

Zhangzhou whiskey bar building

Time has stopped since yesterday

No matter what the design method is, it needs to present a simple state from the commercial perspective. Let time stop here so that consumers are willing to stay in the space for a longer time. When consumers who have come are willing to go again and even invite more guests, a highly sticky commercial space is achieved.

Zhangzhou whiskey bar building

In order to meet this purpose, the first thing to be satisfied is the sense of place identity, and belonging in accord with the lifestyle in the new era. At the beginning of design, the design team has considered the maximization of functions, operations, and scenes. In addition to the space design themed with controlling the future, the designers have also taken over the brand design, which extends the sense of blur, vanguard, and sci-fi in space design. With materials of different textures and saturation, supplemented by various retro technological elements, the brand design presents a visual effect in keeping with space.

Zhangzhou whiskey bar building

The project fully integrates space and brand design, so that it can not only satisfy the basic functional and psychological needs in experience level, but also bring consumers a sense of social identity including wealth, status, and achievement, as well as a sense of identity belonging including class, ethnicity, and socializing from the social level. Thereby, it has the core driving force to arouse identification, liking, and even loyalty of customers to the brand.

Zhangzhou whiskey bar building

Cun Panda Nana Control Bar Zhangzhou, Fujian Province – Building Information

Project Name: Control Bar in Zhangzhou
Main Function: whiskey bar
Project Location: Zhangzhou, Fujian
Design Company: PANDA NANA
Chief Designers: Lin Jiacheng, Cai Xuanna

Design Time: 2021.03
Complete Time: 2021.11
Area: 300㎡


Zhangzhou whiskey bar building

Chinese text:

寸匠熊猫NANA l 漳州CONTROL酒吧





打破COCKTAIL&WHISKY BAR的传统定义,将源自未来主义的粗野、先锋、无畏的美感,通过艺术感与科技力构筑的室内场景加以体现。营造出身处未来世界的空间错觉。设计从建筑外立面开始发力,将扭曲若水的网路转译为建筑的一部分,二维的墙面带来出三维的视觉体验,从而把商业的普通立面转变成一座极具美感的雕塑。同时为商业提供更加积极的视觉吸引力,吸引着来往消费者的眼球,进一步吸引消费者进入空间促进消费。

整个空间打破所有框架和定义,从建筑立面到室内空间,无处不在的圆润曲线与网格,让整个空间充盈着现代化的数字氛围。除此之外,无论是玄关处的太空人,还是大吧台的 “孕育中的人类”,都是专门为CONTROL创作的。除了增加空间的辨识度之外,也是为消费者提供“打卡位”,消费者可以装置为背景拍照发布于社交平台,吸引更多其他年轻的猎奇客群。









Zhangzhou whiskey bar building

首席设计师: 林嘉诚 蔡泫娜
设计公司: 寸匠熊猫
项目摄影 纳信 羽视觉

Cun Panda Nana Control Bar Zhangzhou Fujian Province images / information received 200522 from Panda Office

Location: Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China

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