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Derco Chile Distribution Centre

Contemporary Building – design by Guillermo Hevia H, Chile, South America

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Derco Distribution Centre Chile

Date built: 2006
Design: Guillermo Hevia H Architects

Derco Distribution Centre Derco Distribution Centre Chile Derco Building Derco Distribution Centre Chile
photographs : Guy Wenborne


A simple line architecture giving answers for two autonomous processes: car predelivery and preparation and car spare parts distribution, incorporating latest technologies and bioclimate to the buildings.

The terrain (16 há) is a big esplanade for car parking, consisting of a big park as the central axis , with green and service areas forming differentiated entrances leading to the personnel service building and preceded by a water surface with a totem bearing the company logo. It is a simple architecture of closed big volumes, stainless steel color cut by horizontal window stripes looking like mobile lighting lines ,where red corporate color is determinant in the whole entirety both, day and night. Entrances have also sun and rain protection marquees.

Contrast is given by the main two storage building , a stone body closed at the base and transparent glassy at the second level. It is supported by a great plain roof with specific dimensions to control sun radiation , with an atrium in the east side, space with a porch made of double height columns and louvers in the upper part, which is the social recreation area and entrance to the dining room through two staircases solutions raising in the space. In the west side, a corridor with a protection corbelled cover made of steel and glass strains the circulation space and toilet entrance located in the first floor.

Derco Distribution Centre Derco Distribution Centre Derco Distribution Centre
photographs : Francisco Carrión

Bioclimate for inner spaces is naturally conditioned air to improve life quality during day’s work. The system is highly expressed in the architecture of the building by means of brilliant aluminum pipes of different heights emerging from the ground. Rational use of technical and energetic resources are focused on saving, life quality and environmental protection.

Ecological Features

Buildings incorporate geothermic technologies in all areas. Bioclimate for all spaces conditioning, using earth as thermal interchanger during in winter and summer. By introducing naturally conditioned air and generating steady interchanges per hour, constant temperatures between 18° and 24° can be achieved.

Derco Distribution Centre Derco Distribution Centre Derco Distribution Centre
photographs : Francisco Carrión

Sun radiation control in facades, use of natural zenithal lighting without using daily artificial lighting result in energy saving. A responsible architecture giving solution to the severe energetic crisis of the country.

Derco Distribution Centre Building images / text from Guillermo Hevia H Architects Aug 2008

MATERIAL Concrete at sight, Steel, pre painted metallic linings, temperate glasses with red corporate color serigraphy

CLIENT: Derco Chile


COLLABORATORS: Francisco Carrión G. Architect
Tomás Villalón A. Architect Carlos Reyes C. Architect
Marcela Suazo M. Development CAD

BIOCLIMATE: BIOTECH Chile Consultores, Jorge Ramírez

LOCATION: Av. Américo Vespucio / Lo Boza, Santiago – Chile

AREA SURFACE: 160.000 m2
BUILDING AREA: 20.000 m2

Derco Distribution Centre Chile
photograph Guillermo Hevia


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