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Cristalchile Glass Bottling Plant

Llay-Llay Building, V Región, Chile, South America – deszign by Guillermo Hevia H, architects

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Glass bottling Plant Cristalchile

Location: Llay-Llay, San Felipe de Aconcagua Province, Valparaíso Region, central Chile

Design: Guillermo Hevia H Architects

Cristalchile Glass Bottling Plant Building

Cristalchile Glass Bottling Plant Glass bottling Plant Cristalchile Glass bottling Plant Cristalchile
photographs Guy Wenborne


An undulating mantle making an analogy with the geographical area placed in favor of the predominant winds. The use of multiple maintainable technologies creates the suitable environment for working and production of glass bottling.

Cristalchile Plant Cristalchile Bottling Plant Cristalchile Glass Bottling Plant Chile
photographs Guy Wenborne

The new plant of Cristalchile in Llay-Llay ( meaning wind-wind in Mapuche language), 85 Km. North far from Santiago leads industrial architecture worldwide by incorporating the use of Bioclimatic technologies (geothermic, eolithic, lighting and acoustic) to the buildings as well as to production processes, with a real compromise with Maintainability, energy saving, life quality and environment protection. It is important to point out this is an industry with production processes, but most important of all, with people working.

Cristalchile Glass Bottling Plant Llay-Llay Glass Bottling Plant Llay-Llay Bottling Plant Llay-Llay
photographs Felipe Camus

Our aim, through architecture, is to dignify these two facts using simple materials and natural resources in design but also trying to contribute with a message to society. Architecture plays the main role to achieve this purpose. Both, day and night, the undulating shapes of a big ascending roof are the image of a mantle moved by the winds of the area ; the transparencies of the glass façade that makes the production process transparent are an architectonic speech of easy and categorical understanding, emphasizing the handling of light and shadows, shows the huge scale and gains meaning when faced to the immediate area surroundings and geography.

Concepts; Tradition, Efficiency, Technology, Maintainability, Design and Vanguard

Glass Bottling Plant Llay-Llay Glass Bottling Plant Llay-Llay Glass Bottling Plant Building Llay-Llay Glass Bottling Plant
photographs Felipe Camus

Ecological Features

The use of natural ventilation (Venturi) making use of the existing winds and roof’s ventilation; hot air from production area is taken out and temperature is dissipated through holes in the glass facades ( Inner temperature is always higher tan outer). Through geothermic, air at a steady 20° T is incorporated into working areas; such air is naturally treated in underground pipes (3 m deep) using just 7 mechanical fans (37 HP total consumption). During the day, the building only uses natural zenithal lighting.

Glass Bottling Plant Chile
photograph Guillermo Hevia

Cristalchile Glass Bottling Plant Building images / text from Guillermo Hevia H Architects Aug 2008

Glass bottling Plant Cristalchile – Llay-Llay

BRONZE MEDAL International Prize
IV Miami Biennale 2007 (EE.UU.)

Prize Best Work 2007 “ Plataforma Arquitectura”


COLLABORATORS Francisco Carrión G. Architect
Marcela Suazo M. Development / CAD
BIOCLIMATE BIOTECH Chile Consultores, Jorge Ramirez F

LOCATION Ruta 5 Norte, Km. 85, Llay-Llay, V Región – Chile

AREA SURFACE 270.000 m2

BUILDING MATERIALS Steel, Serigraphiated glass and concrete


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