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Txai House in Bahia, Brasil

Private Home in Bahia, Brazil property design by Studio MK27 architects

updated 28 Oct 2015 ; 26 Mar 2015

Txai House in Bahia

Design: Studio MK27

Location: Itacaré, Bahia, Brasil

The Txai House merges elements of the vernacular colorful Bahian Houses with the precise lines of Brazilian Modern architecture. Located in front of a beautiful beach in the city of Itacaré – in the Brazilian northeast – the site of Txai House reaches 13 meters above the sea level. This topographical condition allowed for, even with the existing treetops, a beautiful view of the coast.

Txai House

To avoid excessive verticalization and still accommodate the entire necessity program, the house rests on two levels without any pavement overlapping. This solution ended up creating a new artificial configuration for the plot, as a second nature, which recomposes the original topography, now with the house settled.

Txai House

On the lower floor, we have the living room. With a large veranda, all of the window frames can be entirely recessed. The living room then becomes an open space, protected by a large flat pre-stressed slab. The kitchen is joined to this social area, facing the dining room and contained within a wooden volume that also holds a small utility area and a washroom.

Txai House

In front of the veranda-living-room, there is an infinity pool and a solarium with chaise-longs. In the back, a patio with vegetation ends up allowing for cross-ventilation in the area. The structural system was modulated in spans of 9.70m by 6.30m, in a rational domino system. On the roof of this first floor there is an open wooden deck with a wonderful view of the sea. On this second floor are also the bedrooms, located under the pitched roof in colorful wooden and stucco volumes.

Txai House

There is no internal connection from the living room and the kitchen with the bedrooms. The trajectories therefore, are always done from the outside, with the garden as passage. The residents experience the climactic conditions while going from one to the other.

Txai House

The bathrooms extend outside of the roof and are all opened to the outside, having their own individual gardens defined by walls, like patios. The doors in front of the rooms look out to a generous 2.5m-wide veranda where the hammocks rest on the recycled wood roof. The mashrabiya doors – a wooden latticed element, traditional in modern and colonial Brazilian architecture – shade the interior of the bedrooms, allowing the breeze to pass; and they can remain completely open for complete control of the interior light.

Txai House

The materials used in the house are all local. Efforts were made to also have raw finishings that age well in the aggressive tropical coastal climate. In the case of the volumes, using a color chart inspired by the local houses, the architecture sought live and pure colors which, when applied on the wooden mashrabiya, contributes to the durability of the material in creating a thick layer of protection against the salt air.

Txai House

The House Txai offers a radical experience of integration between the inside and out. It is a place to drink coconut water, swaying in the hammocks. The tropical atmosphere of Bahia impregnates all of the spaces and the contact with the garden is necessary in order to use the house, as it integrates the trajectories of quotidian life.

Txai House Txai House Txai House Txai House

Txai House Txai House Txai House Txai House

Txai House Txai House Txai House Txai House

Txai House in Bahia – Building Information

Project: Txai House
Location: Itacaré, Bahia, Brasil
Project: March 2011
Completion: December 2014
Site area: 6.450 sqm
Built area: 640 sqm

Txai House Txai House Txai House Txai House

Txai House Txai House Txai House Txai House

Txai House Txai House

Architecture: Studio mk27
Architect: Marcio Kogan
Co-architect: Carolina Castroviejo and Gabriel Kogan
Interior Design: Diana Radomysler
Team: Carlos Costa, Laura Guedes, Mariana Ruzante, Mariana Simas, Paula Sertório

Structure Engineer: Benedicts Engenharia eng Eduardo Duprat

MEP: Grau Engenharia

Contractor: RFM
eng Marcio Botana Moraes
arq Luiz Henrique Uaqui

Photographer: Fernando Guerra

Txai House

Txai House in Bahia images / information from Studio MK27

Marcio Kogan Arquitetos

Location: Itacaré, Bahia, Brasil

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