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Rio Olympic Park Buildings : 2016 Architecture

Sports Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – design by BCMF Arquitetos

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Rio Olympic Park

Concept designs of the Rio 2016 winning bid (20 venues), Rio de Janeiro
Design: BCMF Arquitetos

Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games – four clusters:

Barra – featured on this page
Deodoro – mentioned lower down this page

Rio Olympic Park Buildings – key architecture + architects information & images

Rio Olympic Park Masterplan
Design: AECOM
Rio Olympic Park Masterplan
image from Brazilian Institute of Architects
Rio Olympic Park Masterplan

Rio 2016 Olympic Park Competition
Rio 2016 Olympic Park Brazil
image from architect
The Brazilian Institute of Architects of Brazil/Rio de Janeiro (IAB/RJ) has sign a partnership with the City Government of Rio de Janeiro for the International Public Competition for the Rio 2016 Olympic Park’s General Urban Plan.

Rio 2016 Olympic Park Competition

Images : Rio 2016 / BCMF ARQUITETOS

News + Images Update – 3 Feb 2010


Copacabana Stadium – Beach Volleyball
Rio Olympic Park Brazil

After leading, in 2005, the multidisciplinary team behind the award-winning design of the “Deodoro Sports Complex” for the Rio 2007 Pan American Games, the Brazilian practice BCMF ARCHITECTS (based in Belo Horizonte, MG) is once again engaged with the design of large scale sports facilities_ this time for the next 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Besides the three partners Bruno Campos, Marcelo Fontes and Silvio Todeschi, the architect Carlos Teixeira also collaborated with the projects of the Rio 2016 candidature, being responsible for the landscape design. After winning the selection process held by the COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee) in 2008, the architects decided not to accept any new commissions during the period, to be able to work for an entire year exclusively on the architecture and imagery of the Rio Olympic bid. The Dossier of the Brazilian candidature was marked by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) as the one with the “highest quality” among the four competing cities – Rio, Tokyo, Chicago and Madrid. Overall, BCMF delivered more than 700 files to the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, besides the final renderings and plans that went into the Dossier.

Marina da Gloria – Sailing
Rio Olympic Park Brazil

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas – Rowing
Rio Olympic Park Brazil

The practice was responsible for the preliminary studies (architecture and landscape design) of most of the of the new venues and facilities that will have to be built for the Olympics, working closely with the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee team and its international consultants EKS/JBD (responsible for the Games Overlay and Operational Planning), following its briefings and pre-requisites. BCMF was the lead designer of 17 new venues and facilities and of the complementation of 3 existing ones, located mainly in the clusters of Barra da Tijuca and Deodoro (where the architects had already designed the “Deodoro Sports Complex” for the Rio 2007 Pan-American Games). Besides that, the practice also gave support to the Rio 2016 team in the development of some temporary structures and was responsible for elaborating most of the imagery of the Dossier.

Rio Olympic Games map
Rio Olympic Park Brazil

As pre-defined by the COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee), the facilities for the Rio 2016 Olympics were grouped into four major distinct areas of the city, which will be linked by an efficient transport system: Barra da Tijuca, Copacabana, Maracanã and Deodoro. This strategy is intended to spread and distribute the direct and indirect benefits of the games among all the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, through the construction of new facilities and infrastructure, as well as improvements of the existing network. Whereas the Copacabana cluster will hold basically temporary structures , the Maracanã and Deodoro clusters will have its existing venues complemented and Barra will concentrate the majority of the new venues and facilities that will have to be built or adapted.

Olympic Indoor Training Center
Rio Olympic Park Rio Olympic Park

In the BARRA CLUSTER, BCMF ARCHITECTS lead the architectural and landscape design of the new Rio Olympic Park (OLP), the main project of the candidature (which will house 13 sports in almost 1.000.000m2), including the Olympic Aquatic Stadium (OAS), the Olympic Hockey Center (HTC), the Olympic Tennis Center (TTC), the Rio Olympic Velodrome (ROV) , the Sponsors Village (SPV), IBC / MPC (International Broadcast Center / Media Press Center) and the Indoor Training Center (ITC), a large structure with four independent Halls (Basketball, Taekwondo/Judo, Wrestling and Handball). Still in Barra, BCMF was responsible for the design of the Media Village (MEV), which will house the press in 85 new buildings, for the ‘International Zone’_ the athletes’ facilities and amenities of the Olympic Village (OLV) _ and also for a special temporary pavilion for the Weightlifting (CRC-6), outside of the Rio Centro Exhibition Center Halls.

In the DEODORO CLUSTER, BCMF was responsible for the X-Park (XPR), a “Radical Sports Park” that will be a new attraction including the Olympic BMX Center (BMX), the Olympic Whitewater Stadium: Canoe / Kayak Slalom (CAN), and the Olympic Mountain Bike Park (MBK). The National Sports Shooting Center (NSC), the National Equestrian Center (NEC) and the National Center of Modern Pentathlon (MNP)_ all of which had already been designed by BCMF for the Pan-American Games of Rio 2007 according to Olympic standards_ needed basically adjustments and complements, including a new Fencing facility, the Deodoro Arena (MNP) and some temporary structures.

The projects were designed by BCMF according to the demands and strategies defined by the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee and its international consultants (EKS/JBD), in constant collaboration and interaction with the specialized team responsible for the Games Overlay and Operational Planning.

Olympic Aquatics Stadium
Rio Olympic Park


“I would like to be an architect in Rio de Janeiro. When you make a mistake, I imagine, Nature immediately comes to your aid.”
(Álvaro Siza)

In general, we have tried to emphasize the exuberant landscape of Rio de Janeiro, which can be breathtaking even in suburban areas such as Deodoro. Rio has been developing and growing irregularly within a mixture of mountains, forests, beaches, lakes and swamps, and we could say that nature still predominate over architecture in the overall configuration of the city. But besides its notorious and celebrated natural beauty_ and the unique and sometimes radical interaction between construction and the natural environment_ the city (which has been the capital of the country from 1763 to 1960) has also a long tradition of public open spaces and outdoor activities, as well of public art and monuments.

Olympic Village – Aerial View Night
Rio Olympic Park

To recognize the virtues and constraints of nature and landscape_ accommodating the demands of constructive rationality conditions to the characteristics and uniqueness of the site_ has been an important feature that distinguishes Brazilian architecture ever since. It was no different in the Colonial Baroque historic cities, in the Empire’s adaptation of the neo-classical or in the modern architecture of Lúcio Costa, Oscar Niemeyer and his contemporaries. This sensibility to the place reinforces the architecture as an infrastructure that complements and participates in the landscape, giving order to it and redefining it.

We have given priority to the integration of the facilities within the urban and natural context (cityscape), inspired by the classic examples of the modern architecture of Rio de Janeiro (specially from the period of the 50’s and 60’s), surrounded by nature and lush landscaping, which have always been a reference for us: Burle Marx, Olavo Redig de Campos, Alfonso Eduardo Reidy, Lucio Costa, Oscar Niemeyer, Sergio Bernardes and so on.

IBC / MPC (International Broadcast Center / Center of the Press)
Rio Olympic Park

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