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New York Apartment in São Paulo

17 July 2020

New York Apartment

Architects: FCstudio

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

New York Apartment SP Brazil

The New York Apartment project, located in the city of São Paulo – Brazil, is the result of a creative process that took into account important conditions.

New York Apartment SP Brazil New York Apartment SP Brazil

The family, consisting of a couple and two young daughters, before moving to this apartment, lived in the Netherlands for 8 years. Thus, constant references to Dutch culture and design permeated the composition process, so that the family would continue to identify with its own home.

New York Apartment SP Brazil

In addition, we considered the specific logistics of the four residents’ routine, categorizing the spaces according to the real needs of each one. Exclusive suites, one office and a playroom arose because of that.

New York Apartment SP Brazil

The formal and chromatic composition brought together areas with the same use, generating four programmatic boxes, within the single space with double height ceiling. This concept can be seen in the schemes that follow this memorial.

New York Apartment SP Brazil

The first box consists of the entrance hall and access to the toilet. The ruby color highlights this space that works as a break between inside and outside the apartment. In front of the elevator, we exposed the couple’s collection of Dutch miniatures, so that right at the entrance, there is a connection with the family’s affective memory.

New York Apartment SP Brazil

The second box consists of the table that separates the kitchen from the living room, a large piece of furniture that received tensoflex as a lighting device that simulates the sunrise and sunset light, through the dimming of the LEDs. Through this warm and changeable light, we managed to change the atmosphere of the apartment’s integrated and single space.

New York Apartment SP Brazil

The third box is the mezzanine that houses the office and the fourth box is the bookcase of the playroom.
The materials follow the same color palette. The use of light wood tones was the artifice that brought us closer to the initial references. The furniture was brought from the Netherlands, with some pieces developed by FCstudio, which also designed the cabinetry.

New York Apartment SP Brazil

New York Apartment SP Brazil

The design of the New York Apartment translated the family’s emotional desires into interior design, at the same time considering its necessary and particular functionality.

New York Apartment SP Brazil New York Apartment SP Brazil

New York Apartment, São Paulo – Building Information

Office: FCstudio

Year: 2020
Location: Brooklin, SP, Brazil
Area: 178 sqm

New York Apartment SP Brazil

Photos: Pedro Kok

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Location: São Paulo, Brazil, South America

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