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Leisure Pavilion by the Dam in São Paulo State

25 July 2020

Leisure Pavilion by the Dam

Design: Bruno Rossi Arquitetos

Location: Santo Antônio de Posse, São Paulo State, Brazil

Leisure Pavilion Dam SP State

The Leisure Pavilion by the Dam, in a São Paulo state interior farm, takes advantage of large water containment basins used for irrigation in the orange plantations.

Leisure Pavilion Dam SP State

Located in the rural area of Santo Antônio de Posse, the project was designed taking into account the existing wooden kiosk with thatched roof, in order to create a space that values outside living, leisure and contemplation.

Leisure Pavilion Dam SP State

Thefore, the intervention settled the inner demolishment of some old structures and the construction of new support infrastrucutures. This new pavilion, built as an independent structure, crosses the area under the shelter in a longitudinal implantation, parallel to the lake, bringing scale, direction and facade to the whole set. Its layout organizes and integrates different spaces, creating an semi-open space that ensures users privacy, without obstructing the views of the surrounding area.

Leisure Pavilion Dam SP State

The whole program is integrated through a single concrete slab. The main facades are made of slatted Cumaru wood screens, protecting those spaces that requires more privacy, such as bathroom, and allowing the organization flows, as in the barbecue area, thus reinforcing the longitudinal character of the pavilion and promoting a balance between transparency and opacity.

Leisure Pavilion Dam SP State

At both ends of the pavilion, the concrete slab rests on walls , which are covered with stones of the region itself. Sheltering a garage for surfboards and other nautical leisure equipment on one side, and on the other, showers for those who enjoy the small beath formed by the lake.

Leisure Pavilion Dam SP State

As a result, the project explores constructive systems that reinforce the chacacter of natural materials , in agreement with its surrounding, promoting the effective communication between the preexisting nature and the new intervention.

Leisure Pavilion Dam SP State

Refurbish is an old straw roofing for leisure at the dam.

Bruno Rossi Arquitetos created a concrete and wood pavilion that crosses under the old roof so it has a bathroom, a place for a small kicthen and a deposit for nautical equipament.

Leisure Pavilion Dam SP State

Leisure Pavilion by the Dam in São Paulo State – Building Information

Office: Bruno Rossi Arquitetos

Structural project: Gil Chinellato
Electrical and hydraulical project: RR Engenharia de instalações
Lightning consultant: Ricardo Heder

Project size: 175 sqm
Completion date: 2017
Building levels: 1

Leisure Pavilion Dam SP State

Photos: André Scarpa

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Location: Santo Antônio de Posse, São Paulo State, Brazil

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