Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport, Belarus Transport Hub, Interior Architecture Development, Images

Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport

14 Aug 2023

Architecture: RECS Architects

Location: 220076, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Francis Skaryna, house 21, building 1

Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport Belarus

Photos: RECS Architects

Private Jet Terminal, Belarus

Recs Architects present their design of a new Private Jet Terminal at Minsk Airport, providing a window onto the world of Belarus. The terminal is a gateway of travel and communication for international elites, where the true essence of Belarus is experienced on both arrival and departure.

Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport

The Interior design project for the new private jet terminal of Minsk covers a reception hall, a lounge, a bar, a meeting room, a washroom, a roof floor corridor, and a VIP saloon. The firm applied contemporary design language to present the space with a relaxed and elegant quality.

Private Jet Terminal Belarus

The Interior design is characterized by the creation of a highly suggestive entrance hall. The scenography of the entrance wall, behind the reception, expands in its plasticity throughout the surrounding environment, creating a new and impressive result.

Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport Belarus Private Jet Terminal Belarus

From a large staircase in the middle of the lobby, brass balustrades extend to the division circle inside the lounge of the above floor, bringing a unified character to the whole space, and offering a hint of the metallic atmosphere of the aeronautical machine.

Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport Belarus Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport Belarus

The large main hall is lit from above by a large globe, built with brass profiles like those of the large spiral staircase in the center of the hall. Directly perpendicular to the globe, a wind rose is drawn with marble and brass inlays on the floor.

In the meeting room, the black mirrored surface of the oval table reflects the light of bulbs scattered above, resulting in a changing and dynamic effect.

On the roof floor, when exiting the elevator, a glass corridor-like skywalk, surrounded by a beautiful landscape, leads to the VIP saloon, characterized by its fireplace and expansive window overlooking the landing strip.

A world of uncertainty

Begun in 2018, the definitive design for the project was submitted in 2019. Construction on the site began during the pandemic, when the entire world came to a standstill. With people no longer traveling, the aviation industry was hit hard, and the global economy was in trouble.

Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport

A world in turmoil

Tensions in Europe have changed the peaceful environment. Nevertheless, people look forward to the return of peace, and a return to normalization and a bright future.

A need for development

Withe the pandemic behind us, and as war eventually ends, international communications will resume, and people will be free once again to embark on inspiring journeys. The world needs more development, and only with development can people live and work in peace and contentment, create a better environment, and live a better life.

Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport Belarus

The project uses contemporary language to express the image of the Belarusian people and the country, and to project a sense of confidence and ambition that is in line with the rest of the world.

Over the past 15 months, the project has been well received by passengers. Most are global travelers, and their approval is a strong validation of the firm’s work. As architects, they understand that the environments and spaces they create are important places for promoting international communication and economic development. It is their purpose to “create a better life for people”.

Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport

Private Jet Terminal at Minsk Airport, Belarus – Building Information

Architecture Firm: RECS Architects –
Location: 220076, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Francis Skaryna, house 21, building 1
Completion date: 2021
Area: 800 sqm

Architect Principals: Pier Maria Giordani, Chen Zhen
Architect Collaborator: Francesco Quadrelli, Giulio Viglioli, Marija Milenkoska, Andrea Longhi

About Recs Architects
The Recs Architects studio was founded in 2011 by architects and Ph.D fellows of Politecnico di Milano, Pier Maria Giordani and Chen Zhen, experts in different research fields ranging from architecture, to interior and urban planning. Their aim was, and continues to be, to provide interdisciplinary knowledge with a single professional identity, believing that the role of the Architecture in the new millennium is too articulated to be run by individual workers.

The Recs acronym, which originated from Re City Size, means Rethink the Size of the City: the firm imagines urban spaces as intelligent, inclusive, viable, and sustainable, fueled by its inestimable human capital. That’s how the firm views cities of the future and, to achieve their goals, the journey begins from the present state of cities. They “RE-Novate” what is already urban, in order not to urbanize what is meadow, forest, and countryside. They “RE-Design” inner spaces, exporting the aesthetical sense of different cultures. They enrich interior design concepts through a mix of contamination that comes from their cosmopolitan experiences. They “RE-Plan” through the introduction of innovative concepts by Recs.

Every project aims to increase the quality of life of its inhabitants, as well as to promote their inclusiveness and engagement. They are re-examining the architecture of public spaces to create multicentric cities in natural contexts, using new technologies to make them “smart”, usable, and more efficient. They also Re-think the requirement of people, contributing to the quality of design “Made in Italy” to satisfy the hope and happiness of their lives.

Private Jet Terminal of Minsk Airport

Photography: RECS Architects

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Location: Minsk, Belarus

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