Ok Hill House, Minsk Region Belarus

Ok Hill House, Minsk Region Belarus, Architecture Images

Ok Hill House in the Minsk Region

21 Aug 2022

Architects: LEVEL80 | architects

Location: Minsk Region, Belarus

Ok Hill House Minsk Region Belarus

Photos: Mikhail Naumov

Ok Hill House, Belarus

The history of the house began in 2019 when, on the way to work, our clients saw a sale advertisement for an attractive land plot in a picturesque place. The site combined lovely river views, captivating terrain, good transport accessibility and intensive traffic – a real find for its area. Having extensive experience in real estate, customers saw the investment potential of this plot and, within 3 days, signed the purchase.

Ok Hill House Minsk Region Belarus

At this stage, the customers contacted us for a site development project.

After lengthy discussions and financial analysis, the clients decided to build a 3-bedroom Flat pack house. The contractor played a substantial role in decision making when promised to build a turnkey house in 6 months.

Ok Hill House Minsk

By the time our team had architectural groundwork to use and experience with this contractor. At the start of work, we saw and agreed on a barn house-style house there.

We had three tasks:
1. Create a small modern cottage with wood trim.
2. Maximize views of picturesque places and at the same time maintain privacy.
3. Concisely fit the house into the environment.

Ok Hill House Minsk

Ok Hill House was designed using the Flybird building system as a frame and panel house. This technology involves the production of large structure elements – frames, wall and roof panels – in the workshop, for subsequent transportation and assembly on-site, on a previously prepared base. In our case, this is a pile-grillage foundation.

Ok Hill House Minsk Belarus Ok Hill House Minsk Belarus

The house is designed for the year-round living of a family of four. The house is heated by electricity – ground/water heat pump. The only heating devices in the house are the warm floor and the fireplace. After one year of operation, this combination has proved to be sufficient – electricity costs are within the normal range, and the house is comfortable.

On the façade, we use a minimum of materials and colours. There is wood trim from the façade to the roof, made of aspen treated with antiseptic – it will turn noble grey over time. And there are metal and fibre cement elements painted in RAL 7022.

The exterior is made in an austere architectural palette. Interior manifests a similar approach. We made it as neutral as possible for future tenants to add their personal stories.

Ok Hill House Minsk Belarus

All floors: polished concrete.
Wall and ceiling finish: plywood and white painted plasterboard.
Tiles: monochrome, grey.
Lamps, plumbing fittings, door handles: black, matching the colour of the window frames.
Windows and metal elements: RAL 7022.

Ok Hill House Minsk Belarus

A separate subject of discussion with customers was a sauna: whether to include it in the same building. Having considered the space restrictions, we decided to develop it as a separate module with an area of approximately 24 sq.m. We also designed a carport and a shed.

Ok Hill House Belarus

The sauna and utility block are designed as modular building systems. A powerful metal frame, which underlies the design, allows one to carry out transporting and mounting of modules repeatedly without losing the geometry of the internal space. All components are manufactured in the workshop, then the module is delivered to the customer by road and installed using a crane within a few hours.

Result: after the customer put it up for sale, the house was bought in one day.

Ok Hill House Belarus

Ok Hill House in Minsk Region, Belarus – Building Information

Architecture Firm: LEVEL80 | architects – https://level80.pro/en

Main Information about of Ok Hill House

Company Website:
Social Media Accounts:
https://www.instagram.com/level80 _architects/
Company Location: 31 Kulman str., office 2, room 2-11, 220100, Minsk, Belarus
Company e-mail: [email protected]
Contact email: [email protected]

Ok Hill House Minsk Region Belarus

Project Name: Ok Hill House
Project completion year: 2020
House area: 157,20 sqm
Project location: Minsk region, Belarus

The team:
Project Director: Yulia Skorynina
Project manager: Maxim Matsel, Dmitry Matsel, Alexey Matsel
Coordinator: Ilya Ivanov
Chief architect: Kirill Skorynin
Architect/Interior Designer: Daria Ivanova

Building system: https://flybird.by/

Ok Hill House Belarus

Photography: Mikhail Naumov – https://www.behance.net/navumaum6a49

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Location: Minsk, Belarus

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