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17 Aug 2008

Dynamic City

Engineering China – Release from Dynamic City

# A society under construction

Dynamic City Beijing Dynamic City China Dynamic City

Dynamic City Beijing

The Games are half way done. The world has watched in awe.
Beijing’s air is clean, crisp even, after a day of rocket triggered rainfall. A picture perfect moment of national pride and peacefulness; all kept in check by 300.000 new surveillance cameras recently installed. But what is the impact on the Chinese society? Can this projected self-image become a lasting reality, like a self-fulfilling prophecy? Or, when the smog rolls back over Beijing, will a increasingly demanding population take a stand? This month events highlight the ‘society under construction’.

# Latest articles:

VOLUME – #16 Social Engineering
Neville Mars on China’s last remaining utopia: “A society under construction”

CLUSTER – #7 Transmitting Architecture. “A Fetish for Newness”

# Upcoming Lectures

A Survey of Dreams: Neville Mars at BAU
August 22 19.30 BAU, Fuxingmen Middle Rd. Lane 1252 #17, Shanghai

Dynamic City Beijing Dynamic City Dynamic City

Urban Transformations: MoCa & the AA School
Saturday, August 23, 2008 2:00pm
MoCa – The Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai

# Details of all events, book reviews and the latest projects on the DCF GROUP:

# This month’s feature BURB MAGAZINE

Inserted in the back of The Chinese Dream is the first issue of BURB MAGAZINE; a political and urban lifestyle monthly from the year 2020.
As the final chapter of the book it describes the news of the mega-metropolis called The Cunning City. This shining global capitol is a city built solely on market forces. Astounding, but far from perfect, it describes an urban society of minimum government interference. This issue of BURB celebrates the tenth anniversary of the new metropolis, looking back at its evolution and what has
happened between the year 2010 and 2020.

“The Chinese Dream” now available in all major Dutch bookstores.
Details http://burb.tv/view/BOOK_-_The_Chinese_Dream

Dynamic City – Engineering China – Release from Dynamic City 170808

Location:Beijing, China

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