Palafolls Library Barcelona Photos, Enric Miralles Spanish Design, EMBT Architects

Palafolls Library Building, Barcelona

Public Building in Catalonia, Spain design by EMBT Architects

Date built: 2007

Design: Enric Miralles / Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT



Palafolls Library Barcelona building

Photos by Alex Gaultier

25 Jun 2008

Palafolls Library

Public Library in Palafolls

Some books and a dream…

The building is a construction
Any in a garden…
It doesn’t hold any memories
Of the institutional character of libraries
….They are some walls which may have been in this place

Palafolls Library Palafolls Library Barcelona Palafolls Library

We have tried in different ways
To give the library an apearance of a labirint.

A series of rooms and gardens put together in a nonliear way.

The building is an experiment, that shows every part of the development of the project…
It’s continuing changes and variations,
As well as the authority of accepting the final result…

The sportshall of Isozaki is our naighbour.
And Palafolls, directed by the major Valentí Agustí, is building a city where he asks every architect to
Construct according to our dreams.

Enric Miralles

Public Library in Palafolls – Building Information

Architects: Miralles Tagliabue – EMBT

Promotor: Town Hall of Palafolls


Principals-in-charge: Josep Ustrell, Makoto Fukuda.

Collaborators: Tomoko Sakamoto, Sania Belli, Koichi Tono, Markus Lechelt, Jan Maurits Locke, Juan Carlos Mejía del Valle, Adrien Versuere, Richard Breit, FlorenciaVetcher, Jad Salhab, Nils Becker, Ezequiel Cattaneo, Manuela Schubert, Marco Orozco, Josep Mias, Daniele Romanelli, Catalina Montaña, Ornella Lazzari. Natalia Leone.

BASIC PROJECT: November 1998
Project Team: Makoto Fukuda, Hirotaka Koizumi

Collaborators: Guillame Faraut, Angel Gaspar Casado

COMPETITION: First Prize, Aug 1997
Collaborators in the competition:
Elena Rocchi
Michael Eichorn, Niels Martin Larsen, Nicolai Lund Overgaard, Isabel Sambeth, Ana Maria Romero, Germán Rojas, Carlos Alberto Ruiz, Alfonso Lopez, Marc de Rooij

Engineering: STATIC, Gerardo Gonzalez, Barcelona, Nilo Lletjós (IOC)
Services: PGI, Instalaciones Arquitectónicas

Site Area: 1700m2
Building area: 714m2

Palafolls Library images / information from Enric Miralles / Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT

Palafolls Library Barcelona architects : Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT

Enric Miralles

Location: Palafolls, Barcelona, Catalunya, North East Spain, south western Europe

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