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Walu-Win Wellbeing Centre in Orange, NSW

30 Nov 2020

Walu-Win Wellbeing Centre

Design: Kaunitz Yeung Architecture

Location: Orange, NSW, Australia

Walu Win Wellbeing Centre Orange

The Walu-Win Wellbeing Centre is a wellbeing and rehabilitation centre in Orange western NSW. In Wiradjuri wala-win means healthy. The building sits as a pavilion in the evolving community garden which provides an important learning space for local culture. As such it was important that the building was contextualized with the landscape and facilitated a high level of community ownership. The centre provides complementary services predominantly for community elders for the Orange Aboriginal Medical Service and cost $1.1 million.

Walu Win Wellbeing Centre Orange

The project sought to create a wellbeing pavilion within the community garden that would be welcoming and facilitate community ownership. A tight budget required an efficient floor plan that maximized usable space. Natural light and familiar materials were important to humanise the building and avoid an institutional feeling.

Walu Win Wellbeing Centre Orange Walu Win Wellbeing Centre Orange

Meaningful engagement with the client and community underpinned the design process. This enabled a deep understanding of the function and quality of space required. The building is designed as a light filled timber clad pavilion that sits within the community garden.

Walu Win Wellbeing Centre Orange

The lightness of the twisted colorbond roof reinforces its modest and sympathetic intervention into the landscape. Reclaimed brickwork cladding at the entries and for the veranda flooring compliment the timber cladding to create a domestic familiarity and avoid any institutional feel.

Walu Win Wellbeing Centre Orange Walu Win Wellbeing Centre Orange

The plan is highly efficient to maximise usable space whilst providing natural light and ventilation from at least two directions. This is important to avoid any feeling of claustrophobia and reinforce the ideas of wellbeing.

Walu Win Wellbeing Centre Orange

The timber cladding is Darwin Stringy-bark. An Australian hardwood which is incredibly dense and requires no coatings or surface maintenance. This will enable the cladding to transition to a silver appearance. The timber is from a sustainable Aboriginal source in Cape York where it is selectively harvested to ensure sustainability of the broader environment.

Walu Win Wellbeing Centre Orange

Walu-Win Wellbeing Centre in NSW

Architects: Kaunitz Yeung Architecture
Location: Orange New South Wales
Client: Orange Aboriginal Medical Service / Renacent Australia
Contractor: Renacent Australia

Walu Win Wellbeing Centre Orange

Photography: Brett Boardman

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Location: Orange, NSW, Australia

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