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post updated 22 June 2021

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22 Jun 2021
Jacka Crescent Townhouses, Campbell, ACT, Australia
Architects: CO-AP
Jacka Crescent Townhouses Canberra Properties
photograph : Ross Honeysett
Jacka Crescent Townhouses
Jacka Crescent Townhouses consists of three new townhouses traverse across a sloping site in the inner-eastern suburb of Campbell, Canberra. The attached dwellings stagger across and up the steep topography, with rooms and circulation spaces stretching and hinging around courtyard gardens which frame borrowed landscapes.

5 Mar 2021
SL House

2 Jan 2021
The AB House, Hackett, ACT
Design: Ben Walker Architects
AB House Canberra
photograph : Ben Guthrie
AB House
The house espouses a playful engagement with the clients’ desire to demonstrate their interest in bespoke and whimsical design strategies. The sense of playfulness is most evident in the cantilevered rear balconies, in the powder room, and in hidden doorways that are “dressed” as joinery elements.

17 Nov 2020
Little National Hotel, Barton, Canberra, ACT
Design: Mathieson Architects
Little National Hotel Canberra
photograph : Romello Pereira
Little National Hotel
Little National Hotel is located a short distance from Parliament House. The 120 room hotel, with architecture and interior design by Mathieson Architects, embraces the concept of ‘affordable luxury’, and is located on top of a four-level carpark.

10 Jun 2020
Civic Quarter Tower

22 Oct 2019
Edgeworth Apartments in Turner, ACT

26 Oct 2016
The Margaret Whitlam Pavilion
Design: Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects
The Margaret Whitlam Pavilion
photograph : John Gollings
The Margaret Whitlam Pavilion, National Arboretum Canberra
The Margaret Whitlam Pavilion is an important facility for the multi award winning National Arboretum Canberra, related to the Visitor Centre and the spectrum of activities planned for the Araboretum.

29 Sep 2016
Archer Family Residence in Canberra

23 Feb 2015
Australia Forum Centre in Canberra

20 May 2016

Architect of Parliament House in Canberra Dies

Romaldo “Aldo” Giurgola Dies in Canberra
Romaldo “Aldo” Giurgola was born in Rome, Italy, and died this week in Canberra, Australia, the site of his most famous building: the government complex surrounded by bermed earth that made it possible for visitors to walk on and around the building.

Giurgola moved to Canberra with his wife in the 1980s, when the building, Parliament House, was under construction. He became an Australian citizen in 2000, reports the Architectural Record.

Parliament House
Date built: 1988
Design: Romaldo Giurgola, architect
Parliament House Canberra building
photograph © Steven Powell

Giurgola moved to Manhattan in 1949 to attend Columbia University. After founding an architecture practice with Ehrman Mitchell in Philadelphia, and becoming part of the loose-knit “Philadelpha school,” he returned to New York, where he taught at Columbia and expanded the design studio still known today as Mitchell|Giurgola Architects.

Partners Steve Goldberg and Paul Broches said they had retained Giurgola’s name given, in Broches’s words, “the significance it continues to carry in the profession.”

Canberra Architecture Competition

CAPITheticAL Design Contest
Walter Burley Griffin schematic of Canberra:
Parliament House Canberra
picture courtesy of National Library of Australia
CAPITheticAL Competition : Canberra Design Contest launched 23 May 2011

Capital city of Australia, nicknamed the Bush Capital

Canberra Architecture

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Canberra Building Developments, ACT. We cover completed Canberra buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the Australian Capital Territory. The focus is on contemporary ACT buildings.

Major ACT Buildings, alphabetical:

ATO Headquarters – Australian Tax Office HQ, Canberra
Date built: 2007
Design: Cox Richardson Architects & Planners
ATO Headquarters
picture from Cox
Australian Tax Office HQ in Canberra
The design of the Australian Tax Office Headquarters combines the civic character befitting a major government entity with a sensitive response to environmental and human concerns. This social agenda is addressed through visible environmental systems and the lightweight expression of the building skin, the warmth and tactility of materials, and the creation of an interactive workplace.

East Building, AWM

Design: Denton Corker Marshall Architects

High Court of Australia, Lake Burley Griffin
Dates built: 1975-80
Design: Edwards Madigan Torzillo and Briggs
international competition, 1972 : 158 entries

Kingston Foreshore
Date built: 2007
Design: PTW Architects
Kingston Foreshore Canberra
picture from PTW
Kingston Foreshore Canberra

National Gallery

Design: Edwards Madigan Torzillo and Briggs

National Gallery of Australia – Redevelopment Project
Date built: 2008
Design: PTW Architects
National Gallery of Australia

National Museum of Australia

Ashton Raggatt McDougall Architects

Parliament House Building
Date built: 1988
Design: Romaldo Giurgola
Parliament House Canberra
picture © Steven Powell, 2010

More Canberra Building Developments online soon

Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia

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Canberra – Australian Capital
Canberra chosen in 1908 for the location of the nation’s capital. Construction started in 1913 following an international contest for the city’s design, won by Chicago architects Walter Burley Griffin & Marion Mahony Griffin.

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