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Church Buildings : Architecture

Major Religious Architectural Projects from around the world

post updated 11 February 2024

Church building designs

Church Building Designs

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Religious Architecture. We cover completed Religious buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the world. Our focus is on contemporary religious buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

We have 4 pages of Religious Architecture selections.

Church Buildings : A-C (this page)

Church Building Designs : D-R

Church Architecture : S part 1

Church Architecture Designs : S part 2 + T-Z(this page)

Church Buildings News

Church Buildings – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

United St Saviour’s Charity Almshouse, Bermondsey, Southwark, London, England, UK
Design: Witherford Watson Mann Architects
United St Saviours Charity Almshouse
image from architects
United St Saviour’s Charity Almshouse – 14 Jan 2016
Witherford Watson Mann Architects has secured planning permission for an almshouse that sets a new benchmark for the design of housing for the older generation (not a church building but a related structure).

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria, Nuremberg, southern Germany – 20 Sep 2013
Design: gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners · Architects
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria Germany
photo © Heiner Leiskat
The Evangelical Lutheran State Church of Bavaria is inaugurating its new archive in Nuremberg with a special ceremony. The new building, which was designed by architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp), took three years to build and is located on a former factory site in the direct vicinity of the existing main building. With 34 kilometres of shelving, the State Church archive now has more than twice the storage space compared to previously and, in addition, accommodates a restoration workshop and enough space for visitor rooms.

Singapore Life Church, Prinsep Street – 31 Jul 2013
Design: LAUD Architects
Singapore Life Church
photo from architect
Singapore Life Church was Founded in 1883. It is one of the oldest Presbyterian Church in Singapore. The religious community was previously housed on the same site, but in a 1970s Modernist structure with an iconic sweeping facade.

House of Prayer for Brethren, Litomyšl, Czech Republic
Design: Fránek Architects
Litomyšl Church Czech Republic
photo : Peter Polak
House of Prayer for Brethren – 3 Jul 2013
The designed building represents usage both ancient and modern architectural principles in a simple concept that uses proportions of the terrain and transformation of principles of various classical cultures.

Heaven For Real Church, Daegu, South Korea
Design: TheeAe Ltd
Daegu Church Building
image from architect
Heaven For Real Church – 18 Jun 2013
The site is located urban area close to the down-town of Daegu, one of the biggest Cities in South Korea. In contrast to its locality, this town is isolated from the major city development. The community gets older, and young couples have been moving out to other towns to provide better education for their children.

Santa Maria del Mar Basilica, Cancun City, eastern Mexico
Design: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Santa Maria del Mar Basilica
image by architects
Santa Maria del Mar Basilica – 14 Jun 2013
sanzpont [arquitectura] are an architecture firm located in Mexico and Spain. This is their latest project, the 2nd place winner of the competition for Cancun City Basilica, Santa Maria del Mar.

Unquera Parish Center – Church of the Holy Martyrs, northern Spain
Design: Fernandez-Abascal y Muruzabal + Ortiz y Barrientos
Unquera Parish Center Building Spain
photo : Pablo Ausucua
Unquera Parish Center – Church of the Holy Martyrs – 22 May 2013
The program was organized in a rectangular plant of extreme proportions,differentiating the functional areas. We access the building trhough a footbridge to the luminous lobby, that articulates the spaces and serves as meeting area.

La Calera Chapel, Bogotá, Colombia
Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos
La Calera Chapel Building
photo : Alberto Fonseca
La Calera Chapel Building – added 9 Jan 2013
This chapel building has a basic geometry that tries to alter the territory as little as possible. It uses the natural features of the environment, the wind and the light, to create an essential harmony. The chapel is designed to open to the outside to allow worshipers to gather in mass, this architectural design appeases both small private groups and large public functions.

San Michele Arcangelo, near Bergamo, north eastern Italy
3D documentation in the restoration of historic buildings
Borgo di Terzo Church Building
image from architect
San Michele Arcangelo – 9 Jul 2012
The church of St. Michael the Archangel (1735) stands in the centre of Borgo di Terzo. Cracks were clearly visible in the front elevation masonry, indicating serious building damage. Due to its irregular architecture, the church – like all historic buildings – required a precise analysis of existing conditions as a basis for the renovation work.

Church Complex Pescara, eastern Italy
Design: Architetto Angelo Campo
Pescara Church Building
photograph from architect
Pescara Church Building – 6 Jul 2012
The mid-Adriatic sprawling city has by now been analyzed, dissected, especially the completely built strip along the coast, pressed between A14 motorway, the Adriatic railway, the sea. It is made up of a cluster of houses laid on the ground as in a domino disposition: the open issue for its new urban dimension is to point out new central areas from a planning point of view and realize them; the priority may be represented by public spaces and/or buildings.

Iglesia de la Consolacion Cordoba, Spain
Vicens + Ramos, Architects
Cordoba Church Building
photo by architects
Cordoba Church Building – 20 Apr 2012
The parish center is located on a corner plot in a residential area between Historiador Dozy and Francisco Azorín streets. The extended side is situated in front of a green zone and the lateral side faces residential buildings. The rest of the surroundings are still undeveloped.

New Valer Church, near Oslo, Norway
OOIIO Architecture
New Valer Church
picture : OOIIO Architecture
New Valer Church – 23 Mar 2012
A few years ago, the inhabitants of Valer, a quiet Norwegian village not too far from Oslo, surrounded by forests and close to the Swedish border, watched how sadly their ancient wooden church was on fire and got totally destroyed.

Church Buildings

Key Religious Buildings, alphabetical:

Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, Florida, USA
Frank Lloyd Wright Architect
Annie Pfeiffer Chapel
photo © Robin Hill
Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

Aula Ivana Pavla II, Rijeka, Croatia
randic-turato architects
Aula Ivana Pavla II
photograph from architect
Aula Ivana Pavla II

Bagsværd Kirke, Copenhagen, Denmark
Jorn Utzon Architect
Bagsvaerd Church
photo © Adrian Welch
Bagsvaerd Church

Barcelona Cathedral, Spain

Barcelona Cathedral
photo © Isabelle Lomholt
Barcelona Cathedral

Cathedral of Christ the Light, USA
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Cathedral of Christ the Light
picture : Timothy Hursley
Cathedral of Christ the Light

Catholic Church in Colonia, Uruguay
Lambrechts-Bertinat Arquitectos
Uruguay church building
image from architect
Uruguay church building

Chapel of St.Lawrence, Finland
Design: Avanto Arkkitehdit Ltd
Pyhän Laurin kappeli
photo :
Chapel of St Lawrence

Christ Church Spitalfields, London, UK
Nicholas Hawksmoor
Christ Church Spitalfields
picture © Adrian Welch
Christ Church

Church of the Holy Cross, Denmark
KHR arkitekter
Church of the Holy Cross
image from architect
Church of the Holy Cross

Crystal Cathedral, Los Angeles, USA
Philip Johnson with John Burgee
Los Angeles Cathedral
photograph © Andrew McRae
Los Angeles Cathedral

More Religious Architecture projects online soon

Church Buildings – No Images

Other Religious Architecture Developments – A-C, alphabetical:

Chapel of Porciúncula de la Milagrosa, Colombia
Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos

Chapel of the Resurrection, Woodland Cemetery, Stockholm, Sweden
Sigurd Lewerentz

Christ Our Savior Cathedral, Orange, California, USA
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Christ Our Savior Cathedral

Cistercian Abbey of Saint-Jean-de-Matha, Quebec, Canada

Pierre Thibault

More Religious Architecture projects online soon

Religious Architectural Designs

Ripon Cathedral, England, UK
Ripon Cathedral Building
picture © Adrian Welch
Ripon Cathedral

St Martin-in-the-Fields church, London, UK

Caledonia Road Church, Glasgow, Scotland

Kalundborg Kirke, Denmark

Religious Buildings

Scottish Churches

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