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Zip Water HydroTap drinking water system control

12 Oct 2021

Zip Water HydroTap drinking water system

Zip Launches Next Generation System With Infection Control In Mind

Never one to remain static in this ever-changing world, global drinking water specialist Zip Water is proud to announce the launch of its fifth generation drinking water system.

As workplaces begin to welcome people back, facilities and office managers will no doubt be looking for ways to keep staff safe and healthy. The latest Zip G5 command centre has been designed to provide additional hygiene control to businesses, as well as offer an improved user interface, making it the most advanced system Zip has ever created.

As with its previous iterations, the G5 provides filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water in an instant, but now includes features such as SteriTouch® antimicrobial treatment which is applied to both key components in the water path and touchpad in the new Classic Plus tap, killing 99.9% of bacteria.

Zip Water HydroTap drinking water system

Zip Water HydroTap drinking water system features

Other key features include:

  • Energy efficient technology such as PowerPulse™ that eliminates water waste and a sleep function that saves energy when not in use
  • Improved user interface tailored to your preferred settings, enabling easier customisation and the ability to check remaining filter life and CO₂ levels (on sparkling models)
  • Environmentally-friendly R290 gas is used to meet recommended environmental best-practice guidance
  • Industry-leading MicroPurity 0.2 micron filtration system removes microplastics, dirt, lead, 99.9% of microbiological cysts and 97% of chlorine for pure-tasting drinking water
  • Air-cooled system eliminates the use of water in the cooling process, making it the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious.

Under-the-counter drinking water system

This new under-the-counter system is partnered with one of Zip’s sleek HydroTaps, which can be positioned either over-sink or on the countertop with the addition of a font. Customers can choose from a variety of models, which include the HydroTap Classic Plus, with antimicrobial SteriTouch® touch pad, the HydroTap Classic Plus All-in-One which provides unfiltered hot and cold in addition to filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, and the HydroTap Touch Free Wave which is operated by infrared sensor, providing 100% touch free operation thus reducing touchpoints in the workplace.

The innovative HydroTap systems are also conducive to an environmentally positive refill-culture, negating the use for single-use plastics.

In addition, any concerns about maintenance can be instantly eased with Zip’s HydroCare service offering. With a choice of package options, customers can ensure that their machines are working at peak condition all year round.

Zip Water HydroTap drinking water system

For a free consultation or to find out more about the new fifth generation HydroTap range click here or call (0) 345 646 1015.

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