Working for chicken feed, Raising chickens guide, Australian subsistence farming advice

Working for Chicken Feed

31 Jan 2022

Raising chickens is fairly straight forward, as long as you know what you are doing. Base on My chicken coop, Raising strong chicks requires exercise, fresh air, and the right kind of food. You cannot only feed them corn, or wheat, or one type of grain. If you don’t give your chickens a good balanced diet, you will notice sickly birds, and reduced egg production. Whatever grain brand you buy, you need to make sure there is plenty of:

Working for chicken feed: raising chickens
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Working for chicken feed – raising chickens guide


Eggs have a lot of protein in order to nourish the growing chicks inside of them. They are also a great source of protein for any animal that consumes them. Most brands of chicken feed are mainly pellets. A good pellet provides a good balance of protein, wheat, oats, seeds, and minerals. You cannot only feed them in pellets. You need to mix in other materials as well.

Fruits and Vegetables

All birds like fruit and vegetables, and chickens are no exception. As with any other animal, fiber is important. Cut up apple peels, and mix them in with vegetable peels you have left over. They love bananas, fresh or dried. Carrots and broccoli, cut up in small pieces, are a treat that can’t be beat. You can feed them anything but raw green peels, or citrus. You are a friend to your birds, lemons and oranges aren’t. make sure the food you give them are low salt and sugar.

Kitchen Scraps

Most of your kitchen leftovers can be fed to the chickens. If you make a salad, save the left over lettuce. Did you make a soup? Cut up the leftover veggies for them. You want to give them grains, oats, whole-grain breads. You don’t need to be particularly careful, but you can’t give them just anything. If it’s healthy for you, give it to them. If it’s not healthy, but you can eat it, don’t give it to them.


Chickens love worms. They will love you forever if you toss a few into the pen. Apple cores are also a welcome treat, as they contain fruit and seeds together. If you’re living in the right climate, and pumpkins are available, don’t be afraid to toss a few pieces and seeds to your feathered friends.

Finally, you need to include some limestone bits, as tiny as possible. Oyster shell bits are also acceptable. The chickens will eat these, and they will grind the food in the chickens’ stomachs and aid in digestion. In a quality feed, this limestone or shell bits will be included.

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