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9 Must-have Features for Real Estate App Development

20 Dec 2021

9 must-have features for real estate app development

The real estate app assists customers in finding, buying, and selling properties online. Real estate has been a successful business, and to continue it in the right direction, there is a need to invest in the proper mobile app to take the business to the next level.

The trend of online property searching has been increasing, and it has also brought in fierce competition in the real estate market.

You can take the necessary suggestions from the experienced mobile app development company for implementing the required features in your real-estate mobile app.

Building the website is just the tiny step of building the business online. Here, you will glimpse critical features to make a real estate mobile app.

9 Must-have Features for Real Estate Apps

Highlight on the Must-Have Features of a Real Estate Mobile App

The real estate app development guide suggests the primary goal of developing the real estate mobile app is to draw the users’ attention while also making it easier to go ahead with the buying and selling process.

An official report states that 70 percent of the respondents among the first-time homebuyers consider 3D virtual tours equivalent to an open house. So, it’s always essential for you to keep notes regarding the latest trends and features while incorporating them into your app.

There are numerous benefits of a real estate mobile apps and we are going to discuss a some of the must-have features which are as follows:

  1. User onboarding

There is a need for setup with the signup and login. User onboarding turns out to be the most basic feature. There must be social media authorization, form verification, and authorization via email when it comes to the real estate mobile app. Also, you can just choose any of the methods for allowing the users to sign up for the app.

Combining the options will also be a great idea. It can guarantee flexibility and convenience for users to make the signup process quite simple. App development companies assist with technological innovations to make the apps interactive yet simple.

Mobile app development for real estate has its specific challenges. The product should have map integration, built-in messenger, and fast run in most niches despite tons of uploaded visuals.

  1. Different profiles

The real estate mobile app comes with different profiles. When it comes to creating the app, ensure there are separate sections for the users or homeowners, sellers, and real estate agents that can help them accomplish the various activities. People who are on the lookout for a new or rented house can get access to the app with a different set of features.

Developing a real estate app is a must as the buyer can also get access to the property listings and save them in the favorite. The agent app will also get access to the listings, schedules, and interested buyers alongside the advertisement options, making it more accessible.

  1. Availability of the listings and database

The property listing turns out to be an essential feature. When it comes to developing the real estate app, there is a need to show the list of the available properties with the necessary details. Also, it can assist in granting the user’s permission to rent or sell the property. The highly customized app gives the opportunity of adding properties to the list without going for further hassles.

You will require an extensive database in the property listing. More and more users are looking for the properties, so there will be the addition of more listings in the future. A robust database is highly crucial whenever it comes to the development of the real estate app.

  1. Interactive maps

The map turns out to be an indispensable feature whenever it comes to creating real estate or the construction business app. The real estate development company is responsible for integrating the interactive maps to enable you to offer valuable information to the users.

In addition to showing the location of the properties, you can also just go ahead with showcasing the valuable data and statistics regarding them. Also, you can consider displaying information regarding the crime rate, nearby schools alongside the average income of the residents in the neighborhood.

You can also help enrich the maps in mobile apps for Your real estate business by adding necessary information that will be working in interactive services. Whenever your prospective customers find the property, they can get access to all the essential information with the help of the interactive map feature.

  1. Property profiles

The profiles include an extensive amount of information regarding the property, including the photos, description, field use, price details, neighborhood information, value proposition, owner details, and more than that. Users decide whether to buy the home based on the photos and videos.

There will be a need to include the property owner’s contact details alongside the agent in the property profiles.

  1. Push notifications

The push notifications work in the form of a powerful marketing technique. This messaging functionality is a must-have feature in the real estate app for succeeding push notifications in the long run. Always ensure that it will help in retaining and staying on top of the customer’s mind. Also, it is very effective for promoting the services.

You can incorporate the push notifications for reaching out to the prospects for sending the industry news every now and then. The notifications to the users will also be applicable when the prices are changing and the new property is getting added to the specific location. With that, you will get the full benefits of push notifications and personalized messages. In this way, you can rest assured about sending out only the relevant messages that provide value to the end-users.

  1. In-app chat support

The in-app chat or the call support is essential for facilitating the customers to contact the realtors or the real estate agents. 24/7 support can help in increasing sales by taking the app user’s experience to the next level.

The in-app communication methods include direct call, call back, and an online chat feature. The buyers or the interested users can also go ahead with asking directly with the seller or the realtor regarding the specific property through the component.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality technology is essential for giving the real estate app an edge. The 360-degree view of the property alongside a virtual tour will save the user’s time and make them informed decisions.

The virtual tour is often referred to as a 3D Walkthrough and will provide the natural feeling of visiting the property they are interested in.

  1. Analytics

Analytics serves as one of the most significant features whenever it comes to developing any real estate mobile application. Regardless of what you want to create, like the real estate marketplace or go ahead with buying, selling, or renting the properties, you can incorporate the feature of analytics.

The data will also be helping you in making better app decisions in the future. To get the most out of the data, you can just segment the users based on the behavior and add them to the different marketing campaigns.

Key Takeaways

If you want to beat your competitor in the real estate market, there is a need to invest in the mobile app for the real estate business with the essential features of the real estate mobile app.

The real estate market has been highly digitized, and homeowners are no longer willing to go from one region to the other to find a suitable property. The mobile app makes it easier for them to check out several homes and properties right on their smartphones.

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