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Will the Green New Deal Spark another Boom in Residential Sustainability?

18 May 2021

There has been plenty of evidence that shows that global warming has already started. With severe weather conditions all over the globe, increasing temperatures, and uncontrollable fires in certain parts of Australia and California, it’s obvious that we are in trouble. The U.N. is claiming that the next ten years will prove critical to avert climate change. If drastic changes are not made over this time period, it could be disastrous for this beautiful planet all of us call home.

Experts are hoping that the new deal will encourage people to change the way they live their lives. It hopes to promote sustainable living, so the world has a bright future. There is a new generation of activists all over the globe that are over the moon with the Green New Deal.

Will Green New Deal spark boom in residential sustainability?

Why is The Green New Deal So Important?

With the world under increasing threats from climate change, something has to change, and the Green New Deal aims to help reduce the damage that is being done to the environment. Many critics of the deal believe it will be too expensive to implement, cost jobs, and stifle manufacturing, the main proponents of the Green New Deal claim exactly the opposite. One thing most people can agree on is that improvements can be made that will have long-term benefits for future generations.

Something that many people do not realize, is that it is not just the responsibility of governments and big corporations to change their ways in which they treat the environment. Everybody can help, nearly 30% of all global greenhouse emissions come from households and small businesses. This is the result of the general population not understanding how much of a carbon footprint they actually leave, the Deal aims to also educate people on how they can play their part in reducing that print.

Ways You Can Help The Planet by Changing Your Home

Many people who do want to help the environment are put off by the belief that it will be too expensive, this is not true. There are many ways to do your part and they can be free or very cheap, for a great product that can help save you money and the environment please visit https://rainwatertanksdirect.com.au/slimline-tanks/. Here are some examples that will help make a difference to the future of the planet:

  • Recycling more: each year millions of tons of garbage are thrown into landfills each year, sorting through the garbage and separating items that can be recycled can make a huge difference and you can even earn money from doing so.
  • Using space in your garden or home to get those green fingers moving, planting plants is great for the environment and is a healthy hobby to take up. This can also make your property more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Everybody enjoys taking baths and showers each day, and it is of course a healthy recommendation. By reducing the time spent in the shower each morning or evening you can help save energy and water. Water is now becoming more scarce due to climate change.
  • Reducing meat consumption in the household can also help protect the planet, cows are particularly problematic to the environment. Producing methane, needing large amounts of water, and deforestation for grazing land are all contributors to global warming.

Will The Green New Deal Really Have a Huge Financial Impact

The United States economy like most others in the world will need a big boost once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, and politicians see the Green New Deal as a way not just to help the environment but jump start the economy also. Huge infrastructure projects across the nation and people turning to green technology could help the country. Similar in size to the New Deal Franklin Roosevelt introduced to help the United States recover from the great depression, the Green New Deal will create millions of jobs in many industries.

There will be negative impacts for some industries that are seen by many as unfortunate but cannot be avoided as the switch to cleaner power is necessary. Even in the construction industry, the building of new homes and offices, new construction techniques, and materials will require new job creation or new training opportunities for workers.

The Green New Deal Does More Than Help The Environment

Whilst the Green New Deal is seen by many as a way to reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste, create jobs, and improve infrastructure, homeowners have been concerned that it will affect the value of their homes. It may have some costs in upgrading your home to be more environmentally friendly but in the long run, it could prove to be financially rewarding. Should you have a need to sell or lease your home, in the future, it is hoped that potential buyers will want a home that will be more eco-friendly, and be willing to pay more for the property.

Also, an investment now can save you money in the long-term, by using water saving devices or installing solar panels to reduce the electricity cost of your home, they pay for themselves over time. The social aspects of living in a cleaner and environmentally friendly neighborhood create a better atmosphere for everybody and especially children.

Are Other Countries Enacting Their Own Green New Deal?

All across the globe, nations are painfully aware of the need for efforts to be made to slow climate change and are working to produce policies that can help reduce the damage already done by humans to the planet. The aim is the same as the United States to not only help the environment but to spark life back into faltering economies, urban regeneration, infrastructure projects, and the creation of jobs are the main goals. The United Kingdom has ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2030. And making the economy strong enough to help young people to be able to buy their first home knowing they have job security.

For other countries, the situation is more critical than buying homes or creating jobs. Asian nations face the biggest threat from rising sea waters, The Maldives faces being overrun by the Indian ocean. Bangkok, Thailand is slowly being enveloped by the sea and the city is sinking due to the weight of the many high rise buildings constructed in the last 40 years and urban expansion. Better city planning is needed if a change is not implemented soon we may lose the very places we live.


The Green New Deal has the potential to boost the economy and create a boom in residential sustainability if politicians and lobbyists for the energy sector can come to a compromise. This is the hard part but most people would agree as a race humans can no longer ignore the damage to the planet that has been done.

And this may be a defining moment in history to help the planet and everybody who lives on it. Even for people who deny there is an issue with the climate, they can agree the creation of new homing for people and companies hiring new workers can only be of benefit to the community as a whole. It is unfortunate that some people will lose employment but new opportunities will hopefully be made available.

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