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7 Innovative Designs That Make Your Home Sustainable

11 May 2022

7 innovative designs to make your home sustainable
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Sustainable homes are now becoming a trend, especially for the young generations. This approach reduces long-term energy costs and electricity bills. It also improves energy efficiency.

On top of that benefits, having a sustainable home helps the environment by helping to safeguard biodiversity and produce less waste. As a result, a sustainable home makes the surroundings less toxic.

Thus, if you want to help the environment and enjoy the benefits of a sustainable home, here are seven innovative designs you can follow to make your home sustainable.

Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated homes, also known as prefab homes, are houses built in advance. It is usually manufactured off-site and will be assembled once it is delivered on-site. In short, prefab homes are houses manufactured in a factory.

This modern type of construction produces less waste, and improves durability. For these reasons, it has become a very popular choice for young families looking for new homes. It’s also a time-saving technique for building houses in rural or remote areas.

Materials used in building prefab houses are stored securely in an indoor setting, making them less likely to be damaged, stolen, or vandalized. As a result, you will never have to buy and pay for extra materials, which is good for conserving natural resources.


Another sustainable home design idea that is rapidly becoming popular nowadays is the cargotecture. This innovative home design utilizes used shipping containers installed to make a home.

Cargotecture isn’t only used in homes. It is also a good design idea for cafes and restaurants. This green innovation is good for the environment as it utilizes recyclable materials, which in this case are shipping containers.

There are so many beautiful designs you can do using cargotecture. For example, you can create a bungalow-style home or even a two to three-story house. The designs of homes using cargotecture are sleek and modern, which captures the taste of the new generation. It is why its popularity is increasing.

Smart Home Design

If you have the budget, you can choose to make your home a smart home. Smart homes are now the trend in home design. It doesn’t only make your home environmentally friendly, but it also makes it convenient for the homeowner. The smart home is the future of homes, so many people are converting their h traditionally built houses into smart homes.

When deciding to build your first home, you should consider designing it as a smart home. This way, what you will only need to do next is to install smart appliances and technology that will run your entire smart home.

Double Brick Walling

A double brick wall is a technique used by home builders to reduce noise pollution. It has excellent acoustic properties that prevent noise from coming in and out of the house. This design approach is popular amongst homeowners.

However, if you want to incorporate this design into your home, you must hire home builders that offer this innovation, like the New Generation Homes builder.

You can discuss sustainability with your home builders, like the double brick walling, so that they will know what you want your home to be. They can even suggest other designs that you can do to your home and make it sustainable.

Passive Solar Design

A passive solar design is another excellent design innovation that you must consider for your home. It refers to the utilization of the sun as the main energy source for heating and cooling your home.

Unlike active solar designs, passive solar design doesn’t use devices to convert the sun’s energy to electricity. Instead, it focuses more on the structure’s materials, design, and placement.

Passive systems aim to capture the sun’s heat using the structure’s elements and disburse this heat when the sun is away. The two main structures of passive solar design are the thermal mass and south-facing glass.

Use High-performance Windows

Our house’s windows cause 50% or more energy loss. Opting to use high-performance windows will create a huge difference in house building. The innovation of windows consists of special coatings, double glazing, non-conductive frames, and air-tight construction.

If you already have an existing home, changing your windows and incorporating the new window innovation will improve energy efficiency.

High-performance windows will also protect your belongings, such as your furniture, from fading. Sunlight causes fading amongst indoor furniture and stuff which can be prevented by considering a double glazed window. Additionally, the air-tight construction of high-performance windows reduces noise in each room in your house.

If you live in a location with warmer climates, you should consider a low solar gain window. It means that there will be less heat generated to the inside of your home through the windows. On the other hand, colder locations will need well-insulated windows with U-value is the best option for you. The U-value is a calculation of heat loss and its rate.

Make Use of Eco-Paints

Painting your home according to your color preference provides a sense of personalization. It creates the personality of your home that makes it unique. In addition, changing your home’s color is a quick way of changing its look. You will never have to buy new furniture or change the structural design of your home to make it look new. Changing the color alone is enough.

However, traditional paints harm the environment by emitting volatile organic compounds or VOCs into the air throughout their drying process and after applying a coating. Therefore, making your home sustainable shouldn’t only be about the design and the materials used, such as paints.

When painting your home, whether it is old or new, opt for eco-paint. It is a paint created to be eco-friendly by having a lower level of VOCs. This type of paint doesn’t have the typical paint smell you noticed from the traditional paint that is not eco-friendly. Talk to your builders and instruct them to only use eco-paint for you. How it can benefit the environment will surely put the best value for your money.

Go Green

Sustainable houses only aim to help the environment breathe from toxicity and pollution. Building a sustainable home is so popular even though it can cost more money than traditional homes. Helping the environment breathe while benefiting from the home you build is priceless. So, start planning your sustainable home now and be one of the proud sustainable house owners.

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