Why should kids play outside in a playhouse

Why should kids play outside in a playhouse guide, External playing advice for children

Why Should Kids Play Outside in a Playhouse? Read about the Top Benefits Here

10 March 2022

Kids spend an average of 7 hours in front of a television screen every day. They also spend time on their phone, on a laptop or any other device. It’s no surprise to see that kids are swapping out their active lifestyle for one that is more sedentary. Most parents do agree that they want their kids to be physically healthy but the best way for you to try and encourage this would be for you to encourage them to spend more time outdoors. Read more about the benefits of outdoor play here.

Why should kids play outside in a playhouse
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Improved Motor Skills

The great thing about outdoor play is that it helps children with their motor skills. Kids who play outside are far more likely to move in ways that ultimately challenge their muscles and bones. They are also likely to try and walk, jump, throw and swing.

If you have an outdoor playhouse for your child, then you will soon see that this helps them to be challenged and it also gives them a way to adapt themselves to new situations. When you give children the chance to practice physical skills, you may find that this helps them to be much more confident in their abilities and it also helps them to practice using their body to get to where they need to be.

Lower BMI

In the year 1980, 7% of children were obese. If you fast-forward 30 years, you will soon see that the number rocketed to one out of every three children. A lot of this comes down to the fact that children are now spending less time being active.

Kids who spend more time being outside are not as likely to be obese and this can only be a good thing. Another benefit of getting a playhouse for your child is that it helps them to socialize with others and it also gets them away from a television screen. Kids who are presented with climbing structures, or playhouses generally end up burning more calories when compared to their more sedentary counterparts.

Improved Health

If you can limit a child’s risk of being obese, then this will help them to be healthier overall. Studies have shown that kids who play outside, or kids who are given outdoor equipment to play with, such as playhouses, seem to have a lower risk of diabetes and asthma. Exposure to sunlight can also improve mood and it can strengthen the immune system too. outdoor play has also been shown to help people who have ADHD. It gives them an outlet for their energy, and this helps them to be more productive when indoors.


When you give your child a physical structure to play with, you will be helping them to develop their strength. From opening doors, closing windows, and climbing around, you will be encouraging them to be more active and more involved. This helps them to be way healthier and happier overall and it is ideal when it comes to helping them with their general development.

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