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Wall Art for Different Interior Décor Styles

24 Feb 2022

Wall Art for Different Interior Styles
Interior design styles are constantly evolving. Some become immensely popular while others fade out of fashion, while others still are timeless classics. If you’re someone with an interior design style already set up, we have a number of wall art ideas to dress your home.

When it comes to choosing the right type of wall art for your home or office space, it can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what fits with your chosen interior décor style. From modern interiors to eclectic and feng shui, we’ve narrowed down some of the more popular styles of interior design and paired these with brilliant wall art. 

Industrial Interiors

Over the last few decades, the industrial design style has been sought after by many interior designers. This style of interior design is characterised by industrial-style lighting fixtures, the presence of concrete, exposed bricks, and neutral tones for the colour palette.  

How to dress the walls:

The artworks that would suit this style would be works from Pop Art, like the big bright Andy Warhol silkscreens or even the comic book paintings by Roy Lichtenstein. Both artists have a unique and effective colour palette, perfect for any industrial interior décor. 

Wall Art for Different Interior Styles

Feng Shui

Feng shui is the traditional Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space to achieve balance and harmony with the energies in your living space and emotional self. One way to achieve harmony with feng shui is through the five elements: wood, fire, earth, water, metal. Feng shui comes with a set of rules like separating your work and rest areas, being organised and tidy, keeping your bed away from windows to name a few. 

How to dress the walls:

Emphasis on symbols and colour characterises feng shui. Wall art plays a key role in interior décor here. You can have a burst of vibrant colours with wall art of nature, like sunflowers and the ocean. Take advantage of the colour blue to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. To pull in energies of good fortune and prosperity, hang images of koi fish, or butterflies for symbols of love.

Beach House Décor

Beach house décor is, to put it simply, styling your home or office space in a beach theme and beach atmosphere to achieve that summer feel all year round. If you’re looking to incorporate the beach house look into your home, consider integrating these characteristics. Bring in natural light and soft tones. Some of the key characteristics of beach house décor are white-on-white walls, cosy furnishings, and linens and throws.

How to dress the walls:

Ocean scenes and maritime wall art fit perfectly in this stylised environment. Beach house décor emphasises natural materials and the use of bright colours, like blue, purple, yellow. Wall art that would suit this style of interior design would be working with beach and coastal subjects. Consider photographs capturing the movements of waves, surfers riding to the shore at sunrise. Think outside the box of cliched images with abstract ocean scenes. Frame these images in light timber to achieve the complete beach décor look for your wall art.

Modern Interior

Monochromatic colours, clean lines, natural materials and natural light are all characteristics of a modern interior. The modern interior design look was influenced by the modern art movement, so you won’t find Victorian designs in these homes. While modern home décor is commonly found with a lack of bright and vibrant colours and instead applies a palette of neutral colours like white, beige, black and grey.

Wall Art for Different Interior Styles

How to dress the walls:

For a modern interior, design the space with the movement that signifies modernity: abstract art. Artists like Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, and Mark Rothko were the pioneers of abstract art. While modern interiors don’t emphasise wall art, adding an abstract piece here and there will only frame and compliment the style.

Eclectic Interior

The eclectic design style incorporates a mix of arty elements in the space. These can be furnishings from a variety of styles, a combination of bright colours, patterns, textures, and other unexpected elements. This is a design style not only for the risk-takers but those who want to incorporate a little piece of every design style into the home or office space.

How to dress the walls:

For the eclectic style, incorporate a gallery wall into your home. Whether it is symmetrical or asymmetrical should be left up to you (and your eclectic nature). Thankfully, wall art comes in all sizes, so you won’t have large pieces dominating your brightly coloured wall. Considered framing a few postcard-sized pieces and mixing these with paintings or posters a bit bigger. You could also frame your wall art with a variety of frames.

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