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Vacation in Corfu Island Rentals & Villas, Greece

Ionian Islands Holiday Rentals, Northwest Greece – Mediterranean Resort Article

23 Nov 2018

Corfu Island Rentals & Villas

Planning a perfect vacation in Corfu Island

If you are planning your vacation then Greece may be one of the best choices you have. There are some very beautiful places like Corfu and Ionian islands. There are other places which is spending your time worthwhile like northwest Greece.

People often like to visit Corfu island as it has some of the scenic views and one of the favourite spots for romantic couples and tourist. When it comes to hotels and villas this is your spot to be. Corfu rentals are easily available and you can have a wide variety of hotel and resorts to choose from. You can either book your hotel online saves you the trouble from physically making reservations.

The Mediterranean climate of the Corfu island has made an attractive spot for romantic getaways. There is a lot of greenery around Corfu and you will find many old ways that still holds here. You will find some history and architecture and there is something for everyone in this place. There are a lot of places from which you can choose to visit.

Vacation in Corfu Island beach holiday sea canoe

Old elegant town

Corfu old town usually known as kerkyra by the locals. It is an old town and the capital. The old quarter is a UNESCO listed heritage site. You can clearly see the influence of the venetians in the Corfu town as they had ruled it for about many centuries. The one thing its famous is for cobbled alleys and narrow street where you can stroll with you loved one.

The plaeoFrourio and Neo Frourio are the two forts which are few centuries old where you and your friend can spend their times. There is Spianada the largest square in all the Greece. Where you can find many small restaurants and bistros all lined up. You can easily view people playing cricket here in the evening time.

Art and history

There are some of the famous galleries and museums in the Corfu town. You have to at least spend a day to see all the museum and galleries if you are in a hurry. However, if you want a detail view then may be few days will pass like just a minute. The Archaeological museum displays some of the ancient’s masterpiece which are excavated out from the town of Corfu. Mostly the specimen is from kanoni which is the capital of Corfu in ancient times.

The most famous attraction of this place is a 55ft Gorgon Pediment which was constructed somewhere around 6th century. A temple with certain carvings depicting medusa with her serpent locks can be seen in it. Then there is the Corfu museum of Asian art which has some of the neoclassical things in it. It is built around 1800 by the British.

It has an impeccable collection of some Chinese, Japanese and Indian paintings, sculpture and porcelains. These paintings are dated back to Neolithic era till 19th century. There are a lot of gardens around these museums and give it a very nice and sunny look in afternoon and mornings.

Impeccable views for strolls

If strolling is your thing then it is one of the best places for strolling. It is 136 miles from one end to another end of the island. If you would stroll entirely it would take you about 10 days. There are some of the scenic views along the way. There is a long walk from village perithia to mount pantokrator which is one of the longest.

The mount pantokrator is about 3000 ft high. You can also drive to the top. When you reach the end, you can notice the smugness there. There is Greek orthodox monastery which was built around 14th century. Apart from this the whole Corfu island is best for strolling because of its old buildings and atmosphere.

Best Beaches

If you like gorgeous beaches then you will find many spots as it is an island and there a lot of beeches. There are stretch of sand all around the Corfu. The best of it is the golden stretch of Glyfada beach has all the facilities which you require. There are sunbeds and umbrellas which have hills in the background that are covered with pine wood.

There are a lot of sporting things in these beaches you also can take water sport. Apart from these there are other things which gives it beach a perfect view. The climate makes it more perfect. Take a look at this Corfu rentals and villas wikipedia page.

If you are tourist the most important thing is the place where you can stay with your friends and family. The Corfu offers some of the best hotel and villas with some extraordinary scenic views. You can choose dassia villas to stay around the old town and Agiosstefanos villas to see things from a distance and see the old fishing village.

There are many rentals all around the place. If you want to stay village of kassiopi then you can get some villas which offer you the view of the harbour. You can easily get a villa in kassipi which offers you a pool and sun-drenched terrace.

There are certain private villas which offers you steam room private gym and a hot tub which are surrounded by greenery all around. You can get a few cheap rentals near beaches that offers you best seaside food. The best thing is that you will find vacancy usually wherever you go.

Location: Corfu, Ionian Islands, Northwest Greece

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