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Benefits of Hiring a USDA-Certified Artificial Grass Company

26 March 2024

One benefit of artificial grass is that it is an ideal option for those areas where natural grass is having difficulties growing or is not adequately maintained. Artificial grass is often used on sports arenas, landscapes, and home lawns.

Installing artificial grass involves preparing the ground by removing the existing grass, dirt, and weeds if present, and leveling the surface before adding an aggregate of crushed rock or limestone. The synthetic grass is then laid, nailed, stapled, or glued to the ground. The proper installation methods will determine how long the lawn installation will last and perform properly.

When you choose a professional, USDA-certified Orange County artificial grass company like SYN Lawn Orange County, you can rest assured that the entire process will be well conducted and result in a clean and seamless final installation. Hiring an industry-leading artificial grass company can offer several benefits, including:

USDA-Certified artificial grass company benefits

USDA-Certified artificial grass company benefits guide

Quality assurance

When a manufacturer of artificial grass receives certifications by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), this demonstrates the fulfillment of strict quality standards set for the use of environmentally friendly materials and positive environmental impact guidelines. With this achievement, we know that the artificial grass manufactured by a USDA-certified organization is safe, non-toxic, and environment-friendly, as it complies with some of the highest quality standards in the industry.

Environmental friendliness

The USDA labeling of artificial grass reflects that the fibers and backing are made of renewable and non-polluting materials derived from bio based alternatives derived from sugarcane, soybeans, and other plant-based components. As a rule, products produced from recycled resources are engineered to have the lowest impact on the environment compared to non-recyclable products. USDA-certified artificial turf is the top solution for landscape projects combating environmental concerns. This is also true thanks to the substantial improvement of water conservation efforts and reduction of carbon emissions produced by traditional lawn care methods.

Health and Safety

USDA certified synthetic grass goes through strict testing to ensure that it does not contain harmful chemicals or materials that are known to cause health issues or discomfort to humans and pets. Through a partnership with a USDA-certified turf company, you can be sure that the artificial grass installed on the property does not contain components hazardous to your customers, family, friends, or environment.

Expertise and experience

In many cases, the USDA certificate serves to demonstrate the organization’s faithfulness to professionalism, competency, and reliability. Employing a USDA certified synthetic turf company can provide you with expert level knowledge of artificial grass and installation techniques, and the installation experience you need to meet strict project specifications.

Long-term durability

Artificial grass products of the USDA-certified type resist harsh weather conditions and bear tremendous foot traffic, thus securing continued high-performance levels and low maintenance demands. Installing synthetic turf by a certified company allows you to have beautiful and functional grass for 20+ years which beats the average lifespan of synthetic turf installations made by non-USDA certified turf brands.

Enhanced property value

USDA-certified artificial grass for your lawn can be an excellent way to boost your property value. Among the most vital demands of high quality, sustainable landscapes is the need to provide lasting appeal to residents and guests. This demand can often become difficult due to maintain because of expensive maintenance requirements and substantial water usage. When you switch to synthetic grass, you benefit from enjoying lush, green grass while saving money traditionally spent on lawn care and correlated water usage. This benefit is then passed down to the next home buyer or tenant that chooses to rent your property. Synthetic turf installation provides a significant return on investment over time.

Access to Government Grants and Incentives

When a company chooses a USDA recognized sustainability specialist, it will be able to enjoy the benefits of subsidies, incentives, or government grants intended to encourage the implementation of eco-friendly landscaping techniques. Some local governments may provide funds or rebate support to the owners or residents who install grass like the USDA-certified natural grass alternative. Sourcing products through a trusted business, for instance, can empower you as a consumer to ask for sustainable pricing options that would make responsible, eco-friendly choices more affordable.

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Peace of mind

When going with a USDA-certified artificial grass company for your project, you are provided with peace of mind. These businesses follow the strictest criteria needed to acquire and maintain a USDA certification. This demonstrates a strong commitment towards consistent quality and positive environmental impact at every installation.

SYN Lawn is the largest US turf manufacturer in the United States. They are the only USDA-certified artificial grass company in the world and proudly manufacture their own synthetic grass in the USA. SYN Lawn turf is manufactured PFAS-free – made from sugar cane and renewable soybeans making it both recyclable and plant-based. SYN Lawn offers the greenest and most realistic looking synthetic turf throughout Orange County, CA as well as San Diego, Riverside and Coachella Valley. They offer monthly payment plans that can be greeted with by up to 70% water savings on your monthly water bill.

You can trust that your project will be done with the utmost professionalism and will be rewarded with the many benefits provided by the highest quality and only USDA-certified synthetic grass in the industry.

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