MTX fast-track project speed, Hereford Hospital

MTX fast-track project speed, Hereford County Hospital Building, England

MTX fast-track “project speed”

28 Aug 2020

MTX listened intently to the messages coming from the Government, which demanded, in the words of Prime Minister Boris Johnston, that we “Build better. Build Greener. Build Faster.” The project entitled “project speed” was launched recently with the promise of £3 billion capital investment to go to the NHS. With a desperately needed funding and a welcome boost in difficult economic times.

As part of his launch of the project, Johnson visited the £12 million fast track ward project at Hereford County Hospital. This MTX project is evidence that the demands of the Prime Minister for better, greener, and faster are not a pipe dream. In fact, the ward at Hereford proved that not only was it possible to expect more that it was reasonable to make the demands.

The Site Visit

Boris Johnson visited the site of MTX’s latest scheme on 11th August. He was keen to understand how a hospital facility offering 72 extra beds across three wards could be delivered in just 11 months. He was astounded that the wards came with the latest generation technology, even in this short build window.

The project used the most innovative fast-track methods, which reduced the build time by up to 50%. This approach falls within the Government’s vision for the build better, build greener, build faster agenda.

MTX fast-track project speed, Hereford County Hospital Building
Jonathan Billinger / Hospital Plan, Hereford County Hospital

Build better

The project at Hereford celebrates what it means to produce a highly engineered solution. The main structure is completed off-site in highly controlled factory environments. Therefore, all the components are at their best when used in the build. There are no adverse effects from being stored and installed outdoors. Not only does a factory setting ensure high-quality materials but also the highest level of QC processes. At each stage of the build, as it moves through the factory, the modular ward would be inspected and signed off before another set of craftspeople began their section of the build.

However, build better also means how you build the facilities. Considerate construction is a significant part of the higher levels of building regulations. Not only do you need to show consideration on site but also to the conditions in which the professionals work. Therefore, the reduction in vehicle movement, the reduced number of people on-site and the higher safety standards in modular constructions makes this a much better way to build. This point is especially pertinent in a hospital setting where you want to minimise the disruption to the grounds.

Build Greener

The methods used by MTX in the construction of the hospital wards increased the opportunity to recycle. Most materials used in the build can be reused or recycled in the future. There is no reason to demolish this building when change is needed; you deconstruct and repurpose the components.

There is also much less waste. As the buildings are designed to a set spec, the raw materials needed are stored at the factories and can be used on multiple projects. Therefore, there is no need to over order to make sure you have enough and then waste what is left over. Consequently, this form of modular construction reduces landfill by 60%.

The reduction in vehicular movement and other innovations mean that this construction was also achieved with much-reduced carbon emissions. In the future, such as the air quality in the buildings, there will also be increased energy performance.

Build Faster

How can such a large project be delivered in less than one year when it would have required two years for traditional modes of construction? First, the sub-structure – the groundworks – can be completed in parallel to the super-structure. The buildings are delivered to site complete, including fixtures and fittings; therefore, a lot of time is saved.

There are also pre-manufactured MEP services employed as well as the utilisation of off-site finishes. This means that the timeline for a project can be truncated, as a lot of the work can be done simultaneously.

MTX fast-track project speed – what does this mean?

Project Speed has been launched by the Government to promote fast-track, ethical construction projects. It is a vision that hopes to build Britain out of recession and back to a position of strength. MTX is proud to lead the way in the methods and techniques that could make this project a reality. It is a way of building that has proven successful for many hospitals around the country. If you are intrigued, you should probably contact MTX directly to see how they might help you with your “Project Speed.”

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