Top reasons to do a loft extension for your home

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Top Reasons to Do a Loft Extension for Your Home

22 Mar 2022

House extension is a detailed house modification done by experts to increase space either adjacent to the house, to the basement, or up. Loft extension involves the conversion of a loft into functional space such as an office, gym room, storage area, or bedroom.

Sometimes, loft extension could be detailed work involving the restructuring of the roof, adding windows, walls, and a lot more details. So, why do people need to make these modifications to their houses? We have the details for you.

Top reasons to do a loft extension for your home

Loft Extension to Add Space

We have already mentioned that people do loft extensions to add space to their houses. If your family is growing, you can come up with an extra bedroom for the boys up there. But it could also make a perfect bedroom for guests with a complete bathroom and study areas if your loft is big.

Well, COVID-19 has taught people how to work from home, and if you need to add a functional office, the best solution is to look up. But any loft extension or conversion plans and the construction must be done by an experienced architect. If you are in the UK and are looking forward to doing a loft extension, consider using the Humphreysandsons architecture company for a complete package.

Loft Extension to Add Value to Your Home

Are you working on home improvement projects in the near future? Among other home improvement projects, you should consider home staging it through a loft extension. This will absolutely add value to the house because of the extra space. The conversion comes with extra amenities for the house such as an additional bedroom, bathroom, windows, and perhaps a balcony.

Again, you must do the work with the help of a qualified architect to get the best structural and interior designs. They will advise you on the ideas that will suit your house perfectly. You could also propose your ideas if you have any in mind.

Renew Your Roof

Have you been planning to renew your house roof? Don’t do it yet; plan to incorporate a loft extension that will help you hit two birds with one stone. An experienced architect will assist you in designing the extension, for instance, the addition of a wall, window, or any other feature before the new roof is installed.

The loft extension project should work harmoniously with the new roof that could change in color and material. It will give it a modern look and add value to your home.

Repair a Fault

If your loft has had an annoying fault, you could correct it through a loft extension or conversion. When the architect is designing the new look of the roof, they will repair the fault and ensure it is not there anymore.

They could add a window, gable wall, or strengthening beams to a weak roof to make it sturdier. They could also propose different materials and colors for your roof too to give it a better look.

Top reasons to do a loft extension conclusion

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to do a loft extension. You could have many, and any that you have are valid. If you have any, do not hesitate to contact a professional architect to come up with the best design for you.

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