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New York City Loft Interior Style

NYC Flats – Studios and Apartments in Manhattan: Furnishing Design Guide

17 Jul 2017

Manhattan Loft Interior Design

How to Style Your Home like a New York Loft

We’ve all dreamt about living it up in an inner city New York loft but if like most of us you’re not lucky enough to live in the fast-paced and glamourous city, like all your favourite tv characters from Rachel Green to Carrie Bradshaw, you can still style your home like you do.

New York City Loft Interior Style

Natural Lighting

New York lofts are defined by their natural lighting as many old warehouses, factories and industrial spaces were converted into studio spaces and apartments by artists in the counterculture movement in the 1960s. These lofts all have high ceilings and large windows, overlooking the city. As often an entire wall will be a window, the lofts have huge amounts of natural light. To get the style, make sure you use minimal window furnishings to let in the most amount of light possible. If your home doesn’t have much natural light, incorporate large industrial floor lamps to inject some light and warmth into your space.

Exposed Beams and Structural Elements

Another marker of New York Lofts are their exposed beams, pipes and other structural elements. Unless you’re undergoing a huge structural change in your home, you probably won’t be interested in incorporating much of this element of style. In order to achieve a similar style effect in your own home though, you can incorporate industrial style hardware to your kitchen and bathrooms and include industrial lighting to your home for the New York Loft look.

New York Loft Interior Style

Ladders and Spiral Stairs

No I don’t expect you to switch out your common staircase for spiral stairs or a ladder but one of the most practical elements of a New York Loft was their space saving. What’s more practical than having a space saving spiral staircase or old wooden ladder up to the second floor bedroom overlooking the ground floor studio? Of course, this is pretty impractical in your average house so instead, to incorporate this classic New York style into your own home, try adding an old wooden ladder in the corner of your lounge room. Hang a couple of throws off it to make it practical as well as stylish or place it in the bathroom and use it as a towel rack instead. This is both New York style, modern and practical.

Manhattan Loft Interior Style

Pops of Colour

While New York Lofts are often minimalist and include many shades of black and white with their industrial style, when decorated by the classic New York artists that first took up the spaces to live in in the 1960s, they injected pops of colour. Create warmth and liven up the space with bold prints, bright pillows and throws and eclectic, mod couches. Incorporate art as well by choosing large prints for your exposed brick walls or simply prop up a few framed prints or paintings on a bare wall to really give the space that studio feel.

There’s nothing quite like a modern, New York apartment space, so if you’re looking to recreate this classic industrial, minimalist style in your own home, we hope these tips will get your started to revamping your rooms.

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