Casino design psychology: how it impacts players

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Casino Design Psychology

10 Nov 2021

Casinos might seem as though they are put together in a simple manner, but there is actually a lot of thought that goes into the design of each site. We’ve taken a look at some of the psychological processes that are approached when designing the layout of a casino. Keep reading to learn more.

Floor Plan

The floor plan at a casino is designed in a very tactical manner. It’s actually a painstaking process that is used to give players a certain feeling when they are there. Have you ever been in a casino, and you felt as though you’re in a labyrinth? There’s a reason for that. It’s been designed that way. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a site in Canada or for one in Singapore, the design will have been put together, in order to create the same feeling.

The reason for this, is that the casino doesn’t want people to easily find their way out. When they’re playing, they want to try and make people walk past as many games as possible before they can leave. This process will then increase the likelihood that the players will try another game before leaving. This design technique was first started in the USA, but it has spread to casinos across the world.

It is very similar to the technique that supermarkets use, in order to get customers to buy additional products. By putting enticing items near the checkout, this causes people to purchase extra items on top of what they initially intended to buy. Casinos use this same psychological trick, in order to persuade players to try out different games.

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No Clocks

One of the biggest design choices for casinos is the lack of clocks in the building. This is a big psychological choice as it means players are not going to look up, see a clock and realize how long they have been playing for. Of course, people have watches, and the time on their smartphones, but this requires a concerted effort to check. A clock on the wall can be seen just by looking around the room.

The lack of clocks means that players are more likely to lose track of time, and therefore play for longer. It gives casinos the opportunity to keep players around for longer, and therefore make more money from them. It also means that players won’t be able to clock watch while they are in there.

This means that they will be more likely to focus on the game that they are playing than looking up at the clock every few minutes. This design choice is definitely one of the easiest to implement, as it doesn’t require any forward planning. It’s literally just a case of omitting clocks from the walls.


If you’ve ever been in a casino, then you will already be aware that there are no windows there. This is a psychological trick to make players unaware of what time of day it is. If a player is at a casino, and they see the sun coming up through a window, this will instantly make them aware of how long they have been there. Equally, if they see the sun going down, it will have the same impact.

So, casino designers make sure that there are no windows in place, so that players don’t realize how long they have been there. It’s very similar to the lack of clocks on the wall. In fact, it works in tandem with that other design trick.

It’s all part of the plan to make players stay within the casinos for as long as possible.

Food and Drink

This is a design choice that not too many people understand, as it is related to keeping players around. By providing food and drink within the confines of the casino itself, it means that players don’t have to leave the building to get something to eat. This means that they are more likely to go back to playing once they have finished eating.

For example, if they left the building to eat somewhere else, then they might go out for a day trip or to a shopping mall after eating. If they eat inside the casino, then there is a much bigger chance of them making the move back to the gaming tables once their food is finished.

The casinos also often give away free food vouchers which makes the restaurants inside the venue a lot more appealing. The free food will be much more likely to keep them inside, especially when considering the price of food outside.

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