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Tips for renovating a one room apartment property

13 Feb 2023

Deciding to renovate an apartment with only one room, the owners want to make it as comfortable as possible, physically and visually. The transformation of living space is almost always associated with certain changes that should take place. But sometimes a couple of design solutions are enough for a feeling of coziness and practicality.

Tips for renovating a one room apartment
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Give yourself a bedroom of your dream

Many owners of one-room apartments are frustrated by the lack of a bedroom. The problem can easily be solved by changing the layout. The bedroom can be installed in the main living room, near the window. The peculiarity of this way of dividing space is that the living room will not be penetrated by natural light. But high-quality wallpaper with a 3D effect will help to visually increase the room. You can even choose a canvas that has the Sun on it.

Choose panoramic images: a view of the forest, the beach, the city, a separate street or road. One wall should bear an accent, the rest shall stay light. You will also need to take care about sufficient artificial lighting. As a result of refurbishing, the hall will be divided into a living room and a bedroom, while the kitchen will stay separate from them.

Combine the kitchen with other areas

If there is not enough space in a one bedroom apartment to form two rooms, you can combine the main zones. Connected hallway, room and kitchen look great. You will have enough free space to move and do your favorite things. A quality finish will help to zone the space. Conditional areas of the living room and kitchen can echo the perception of textures and shades:

  • Complement the walls with wood or marble wallpaper.
  • Give preference to a large-scale image of nature for the relaxation space, and the kitchen and dining room to decorate with an unobtrusive picture of flora.
  • Decorate the main wall in the hall with a city view, and place a less conspicuous schematic image of the streets in the kitchen.

Renovated interior will charm your home. Not only the family will be delighted, but also your guests.

apartment bedroom interior style
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Make the niche functional

There are one-room apartments with a niche. Someone fills the empty space with furniture. But there are more rational ways to manage it:

  • Transform it into a walk-in closet. Makes much more sense than putting a few closets in different corners of the apartment.
  • Turn it into a small relax zone, a game room, a study or a gym, if the parameters allow.

If you choose the option of a mini room, it should be decorated with wallpaper that will match the room’s concept. For example, in the children’s room, a wall with pictures of cute animals would be appropriate. A map of the world fits great into a study. Resting will be more fun, looking at neutral illustrations or a soothing landscape, such as the sea, lake, or tropics.

Tips for renovating a one room apartment summary

There is a large selection of decorative finishing materials for the dream renovation in the Uwalls online store. Check the catalog to choose your best option and create harmony in your room and even visually enlarge it.

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