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Tips for buying land to build on

21 July 2022

When you plan to build a house, it will be tough to buy land. You will have to go through many things related to the buying process. But, before you plan to buy a plot, you must carry out research. You will come across a certain plot in the market, but, in that case, you must first find out who owns the property. So, in this article, we shall cover some tips you must consider to buy a plot of land.

Tips for buying land to build on

What are the things you must do before finding a plot?

It’s always essential to determine the criteria and organize relevant data before you find a piece of land. So, let’s check how you can stay organized and decide where to find a plot.

Figure out the plot criteria:

Before looking for a plot, you need to narrow down the search based on specific criteria. It’s pointless to search for an area within 50 miles of the location where you’re living currently. If you don’t wish to leave the place where you’re residing, then you must set some expectations. While you check out various plots, you must estimate the overall cost. On the other hand, if you’re ready to relocate anywhere, you have more choices to consider.

Collate and organize information:

While you’re searching, you will gather a lot of information. So, in that case, you need to set up a spreadsheet to keep the data in one place. Apart from helping you organize the information, the spreadsheet will help you easily compare plot information. A bit later, you can mark the plots which have already been sold. But, you must not delete the details of such plots because they can be available in the market later.

What are the different avenues to explore for finding plots?

If you want to buy a plot, it’s always better to explore as many avenues as you can, and a diligent search will help you find a better plot than you had thought earlier. Hence, let’s go through the options and ways through which you can purchase a suitable plot.

Listings on property websites:

As you surf the internet, you will find many websites listing properties. Once you navigate the websites, you must select the option ‘Land’ and filter the search results per your criteria. You can even create an account and opt-in to receive alerts when the website lists a new property. Besides, you can visit a local estate agent and make him aware of what kind of property you seek.

Databases with details of plots:

Searching through different databases can also help you find the most suitable piece of land. Once you subscribe online, you can gain access to the relevant information. Additionally, you can sign up to get alerts regarding the new property listings. If you’re unaware of the databases, you can seek assistance from your friends and acquaintances.

Local council planning website:

While searching for a plot around the present residence, you can go through the local council planning website. Soon after you observe the Unitary Development Plan map, you can trace the best locations. Later, you can think about contacting the team and discussing your ideas. If it’s feasible to build a new house in a certain area in your garden, then you can stay in the current house. Subsequently, you can also explore options to finance everything when the property goes through construction.

Various auctions:

Auctions are always better when you’re planning to purchase land. Once you research, you can prepare for the auctions pretty well. As soon as the auctioneer confirms a sale, you need to make a deposit. Most of the time, the deposit is equivalent to 10% of the final bid. To get a clear idea about the auctions around your city, you can find them easily through a search engine.

Tips for buying land to build on Summary

To summarize, you first need to determine the criteria and gather information regarding the plots before you commence searching. Moreover, you can explore many avenues to find the best plot.

These include listings on websites, auctions, and databases with every detail. You can also visit the local council website and check out the Unitary Development Plan map. Soon after observing the map closely, you can find the best location. In that instance, you can get in touch with the council and discuss what you have on your mind.

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