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The top 5 most expensive and marvellous houses

22 Apr 2020

Waterfront property in Nice, south of France:
The top 5 most expensive houses in world

The top 5 most expensive and marvellous houses in the world

Over the time of human race evolution, humans have always fantasized building and owning the best shelters. It is a scale that showcases the status of a person and the power acquired before others. A brick house in a village is the symbol of being a supreme in the local. Owning a huge bungalow near the coast side shows the high class standards of a person. Homes and shelters have always been seen as a scale of judging the status.

This kind of pre-existing mentality has convinced various richs and powerful brains to build homes to sit right at the top of others. At a level that nobody else can even dream of reaching up to. Just like playing online casino UK games, owning huge and expensive homes has become the new talk amid the riches. Thanks to these over the top(literally) dreams of these big men, the world is now home to homes that are nothing less than a marvel in themselves.

Top 5 most expensive houses in world

Here is a list that tells you about the top 5 most expensive and marvellous houses in the world.

  1. Villa Les Cedres, French Riviera – FRANCE

Villa Les Cedres is nothing less than a heaven spread in 18,000 sq.ft. This extensive villa was built for the King of Belgium with rock-solid royal design. It comprises an antique home setup with 14 lavish bedrooms, an olympic size pool, an enormous library and a dock to hold more than 30 horses at once; just like you would see in epic movies. However, what amazes you the most is the maintenance of this epic structure. And why shouldn’t it be maintained? A whopping €352 million were spent on it to build it in the first place.

  1. Witanhurst, London – ENGLAND

If you thought 18,000 sq.ft. was big enough, here is a home that well surpasses the previous size and worth. The Witanhurst is spread over a huge area of 40,000 sq.ft. and boasts a huge number of rooms and other sections of the house. However, due to sheer negligence the home started to deplete until it caught the eyes of Lady Greig who decided to get a renovation done. Today the lavish home is owned by a Russian billionaire named Andrey Guryev who bought it for €50 million in the year 2015.

  1. Safra Mansion, São Paulo – BRAZIL

This is what happens when a banking family thinks of owning a home sweet home. The Safra Mansion is a huge piece of shelter owned by the Safra family. The house is spread on an unbelievable 35,565 sq.ft of living area that comprises 130 rooms and three swimming pools to chill if the facilitated rooms were not enough. The enormity of this mansion can clearly be understood by the status of its owner. The Safra family is one of the richest families in the world and own several real estates across the globe. Each member of the family owns a house that is worth millions and even billions, the cheapest being a $25 million childhood home.

  1. Antilia, Mumbai – INDIA

The golden bird country of the world, India, might not be known for the most number of richest persons in the world. However, the richest of the country is certainly rich enough to own the richest house in the world. Antilia, a 30 story 550-feet high and over 400,000 sq.ft building, is the home to one of the wealthiest living persons of the world, Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

The owner was really ambitious to build a home that could give a view of the vast Arabian Sea even from a place that sits right in the middle of the crowded megacity Mumbai. What makes the house unique is its design and components. Each of the floors are different from the rest and have the capacity to hold the facilities you can imagine, including a gym, spa, jacuzzi and whatnot! Once you enter the house, there is no getting out as the 9 elevators drive you up and down the never-ending personal skyscraper.

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