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The Impact of Advanced Technology on Home Renovation Tips

29 Jan 2020

Impact of advanced technology on home renovation

Advanced Technology on Home Renovation Guide

Technology is affecting the home renovation industry in a variety of ways, some more obvious than others, and we’ll touch on some of them here. We’ll also discuss the popular trends that are driving adoption of these technologies and the practical impact they have when utilized.

Sensor Tech

Touchless faucets have been in public facilities for a while, but they’re now starting to show up in the family home. You are increasingly able to step into a shower and have it automatically turn on, too. You can often find programmable timers that will turn off the water after a set period of time. Sensors may automatically open the lid when you approach or spritz you with water to reduce the need for toilet paper.

Or the sensors are used to save water and energy, warming the seat as you approach and cleaning the toilet automatically but only when it is required. Electronically controlled heaters in the bathtub allow you to enjoy the same water temperature throughout your soak without running the heaters any longer than necessary. And you won’t get in until it tells you that the water is just right.

3D Imaging

3D mapping via a 3D camera can quickly map your home so that the architect can immediately start planning on how to use the space. 3D imaging allows you to see the home as it is and the potential opportunities for improvement. Smart Style Bathrooms is one of the Australian leaders in this area. They use it to let you see the entire renovation before they start work. Then you know that you’re getting what you want, and they don’t waste time building things only to be asked to change something half-way through. Home renovators are adopting this technology to minimize the cost and time commitment of home renovation projects as well as to improve customer satisfaction.

The Accommodations for Modern Technology

You may hear jokes that the modern phone booth is actually a toilet stall. This has an air of truth given how many people check their messages or watch videos on their smart phone while in the toilet. However, that’s far from the most sanitary place to do it. That is why a growing number of bathroom renovations include shelves and ledges intended for your purse or smart phone while you’re on the toilet.

The High Tech Luxuries Hitting the Market

High-tech showers include complex water features in the shower. Then you can choose between a rainforest experience for one or separate simultaneously showers for two. Depending on the design, you might be able to order a jetted massage, as well. Or you could enjoy a chromatherapy function in your high-tech bathtub. In plain language, it is a colored light show.

Small Features That Have a Major Impact

You can add a few little features to your bathroom that have a disproportionate impact on the entire room. Recessed lighting gives you bright task light without flooding the entire room with bright light. Towel heaters allow you to enjoy a hot towel when you’re ready without having to heat up the entire space, and it is typically built into a towel rack.

Hidden shower fittings along with toilets with their tanks hidden in the wall are a continuation of the current minimalist trend. Floor lighting may be installed for both aesthetic and practical reasons. It adds more ambiance to the room while reduces the odds you stub your toe trying to get into the tub, and you can enjoy a hot bath without having to turn on the lights and bother your partner in bed.

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The Impact of Advanced Technology on Home Renovation
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