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The Beautiful Moneypenny Office

8 July 2020

The Beautiful Moneypenny Office Tips

The Beautiful Moneypenny Office Guide

Pioneering telephone answering company Moneypenny; opened their new office building in 2017. A beacon of innovation and local pride, the office was designed & built to accommodate the rapid growth that the company experienced ever since its inception in 2000.

Having at one point occupied 5 buildings, the owners decided to buy a plot of land and develop an office to meet the company’s own specific needs.

The owners were also keen to credit the achievement of the company and the development of the incredible office building to the Moneypenny employees, describing themselves more like the consultants who’ve been brought in to deliver the building which is a manifestation of their pride and achievement.

The Beautiful Moneypenny Office guide

The owners (or consultants!) asked the staff what they wanted in the new office. The expressed the desire for natural ventilation, space, their own home (i.e. not hot-desking which is typical in many modern offices)

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The project was initiated by approaching several building companies & architects and asking for a quote for a standard office building of 100,000 square foot. They then took that quote and developed a bespoke, custom made office for the same price. By questioning many of the construction industry norms and making many of the contractors work hard to justify the cost of their individual projects, they were able to substantially reduce the overall cost of the building.

The Beautiful Moneypenny Office interior

Located in North Wales, the office is only a short drive from the glorious Snowdonia Mountain & National Park, whilst less than an hour’s drive from major cities such as Liverpool and Manchester. Upon entering the building it feels somewhat like you have been transported to a completely different dimension, with a huge atrium featuring its very own treehouse and canteen area.

The Beautiful Moneypenny Office interior design

With 3 floors, each area of the office has a unique charm and character. Dismissing the need for uniform layouts that are seen in most office buildings, the Moneypenny office breaks all the norms in a breathtaking way.

With large cathedral style windows flanking the office space, the office boasts its very own nature trail, pond and even a family of ducks. A beautiful mix of nature and modern design, you can take in the views of North Wales from the balcony area that resides on the first floor.

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