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The architecture of the casinos in Sweden

20 Dec 2019

Gambling is a common thing everywhere, and Sweden is not an exception. It’s a quick way to make some extra cash if you understand and accept the risks involved.

The introduction of internet technology has allowed for the springing up of a lot of online casinos in Sweden, and this isn’t a bad thing. You can find the best reviews of these online casinos at Casino Pro! However, nothing beats the thrill of being directly in front of a real slot machine or a roulette table, hitting it out with other players around. Right?

Sweden is an exciting place to be if you’re looking to have fun and enjoy relaxing moments. And when it comes to gambling, the casinos in Sweden are holding it down really well. Although there are only four casinos in the country, you are sure to get the best live casino gambling experience in these places.

The architecture of the casinos in Sweden guide

Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall

Take a trip to the coastal city of Sundsvall. There are a lot of attractions in the city that could keep you occupied for as long as you want, such as visiting the museums in the city or sailing on the Baltic sea. However, Casino Cosmopol is the best place to be if you are looking to unwind while gambling for some quick cash.

Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall is the smallest casino owned by Casino Cosmopol but it is by no means inferior in stylishness. The inside of the building is segmented into different designations, all of which are always busy with interesting activities. These designations include the main gaming hall, a number of poker rooms, the music area, the in-house restaurant, and the sports lounge.

When it comes to the main gambling activities, Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall has 12 tables, 7 of which are reserved for poker and cash game tournaments. The other tables are for Blackjack, Roulette and Punto Banco Baccarat. Apart from the game tables, there are 150 slot machines, all scattered around the main gaming hall.

Casino Cosmopol Stockholm

Here in the capital of Sweden, Casino Cosmopol established their biggest Casino. Stockholm alone, without the casino, is a wonderful place to be. The state features 14 beautiful islands that are worth feasting your eyes on, and more than 50 bridges connecting them all. You would also find places of cultural and historical heritage in the old parts of the city. But with the casino involved, Stockholm suddenly becomes a hub of fun and excitement.

Casino Cosmopol Stockholm shares the same design as the other casinos owned by Cosmopol in that the buildings are divided into different designations. There is the main gaming hall, reception area, poker room, bar, and a sports lounge.

Being the largest Cosmopol-established casino, there are 46 tables and a whole 412 slot machines to dirty your hands in. The tables are reserved for Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and  Punto Banco Baccarat. All the poker tables are in the poker room while all the other tables are scattered around the main gaming area.

Casino Cosmopol Malmö

Malmö, a small city in the south of Sweden, is where you would find the Oresund bridge that connects the neighbouring countries. There are also spots of cultural and historical heritage in the city. Casino Cosmopol Malmö just fits perfectly into the city like a jigsaw puzzle to make the city a complete image of entertainment.

The moment you step into the main gaming hall, you are exposed to a hive of activities where people are occupied at the slot machines and at the game tables. Those that aren’t busy with those two are either having fun or cashing out. With 30 table games and 240 slot machines to get busy with, Casino Cosmopol Malmö is just the perfect gambling spot in the Southern Sweden city of Malmö.

Casino Cosmopol Göteborg

The coastal city of Göteborg is located in Western Sweden. With an easy assess to the North Sea, the city easily serves as a thriving home of tourism. In the heart of the city sits Casino Cosmopol Göteborg, which serves as the home of thriving gambling.

If this casino and Casino Cosmopol Stockholm weren’t owned by the same establishment, they would make a worthy competition for each other. Why? Casino Cosmopol Göteborg has about 40 table games, just 6 short of those in its supposed competitor. Also, there are 360 slot machines available, just 52 short of those at Casino Cosmopol Stockholm. In all, Casino Cosmopol Göteborg is an entertaining gambling spot.

The architecture of the casinos in Sweden guide

Final Words

There you have it. The casinos in Sweden. You should know that gambling involves a lot of risk and you shouldn’t venture into if you aren’t willing to lose risked money.

Gamble responsibly.

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