Most beautiful casino architecture in the world

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Most Beautiful Casino Architecture in the World

May 30, 2020

To heighten the excitement of playing in a casino, you want the opulence of the architecture to match the wonder of the experience. A casino should be a place that exudes luxury and the promise of a lifestyle only achieved when your luck and skill pay off – and your bank account flourishes. For some designers the Vegas-like atmosphere is essential to the experience, for others a grand elegance is vital. Whatever your desire and dreams, there will be a casino somewhere in the world to excite and delight.

Are you ready for your tour of the world’s most beautiful casinos? Sit back, buckle up and let’s take you for a ride.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Where else would we begin but with the playground of the rich and famous. Monaco is a small country that is dripping in royalty and wealth. The casino is architecturally breath-taking, with an immense sense of opulence. Built in the mid-1800s by Charles Grainer, the building fits perfectly within the Beaux-Arts designs. You will be astounded by how well-preserved the building is and how much of the original architecture remains to this day.

As you walk into the casino you will be dazzled by the gold and marble that abounds. Elaborate scroll detailing and paintings from the turn of the century will transport you to a world where money is no object.

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Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, US

If you are going on a tour of the world of casinos, stopping off in Las Vegas is an essential destination. Plus, you certainly can’t say you have gambled until you have ridden a stake at Caesar’s Palace. Designed on a theme, the architecture of this casino is all Roman. The Baroque Roman architecture is most stunning in the entrance hall to the palace.

However, as with most things in America, the venue is huge. This is a 14-storey building with 161500 square feet of gaming area, 50000 square feet of spa and a luxury mall housing 160 shops. Everywhere you look will be the ornate pillars of Rome, magnificent artwork, and ornate architraves. Who would want or need to leave this palace once booked in?

The Grand Lisboa, Macau, China

We have journeyed the past, it is time to look to the future. With its stunning exterior that reaches high into the skyline, the Grand Lisboa is eye-catching – not least because of the million LED lights that sparkle around the dome 261 meters high. China might not be your first thought for a gambling destination, but once you visit the Grand Lisboa, you will realise that other casinos have been holding back.

The entrance to this casino is elegant, the architecture futuristic but with additional classical touches, such as the chandeliers and the pillars. Look up as you enter the Grand Lisboa and you will be overwhelmed by the stunning circular light. Here everything is designed to sparkle and promise excitement in the gaming to come.

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Sun City Casino Resort, Cape Town, South Africa

Visiting the tip of the African continent is an adventure all on its own. However, the beauty of the Sun Cities Casino Resort is incomparable to anything you will see around the world. It was constructed in 1979 and the casino is part of a complex along with four hotels, two golf courses and the most amazing water park. The architecture is distinctly African and although there is some of the glamour of Las Vegas, this is not overplayed. The ceilings are high, there are wide arches and large windows, making the most of the stunning vista to act as a backdrop to the gaming tables.

What is comforting about the architecture here is that the designer stayed true to the country’s roots. There is a theme of a lost African tribe and the sculptures and artwork represent this perfectly.

Bellagio, Las Vegas, US

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Look, it’s Las Vegas, of course there is going to be more than one architectural masterpiece on the strip. Caesar’s Palace earned its place on this list and the granddaddy of all casinos. Whereas Caesar’s Palace is all classical architecture, Bellagio is a sparkling jewel. You will begin at the spectacular fountain show in the middle of the eight-acre, man-made lake, which at night is lit with the most amazing light show. Then, as you walk into the casino, you will be inspired by the obvious allusion to Lake Como and the casino’s Italian roots. However, this is Vegas through and through, and you will be dazed by the action-packed, dizzying array of sights to be seen. We would rate Bellagio as the most glamorous casino in the world by far.

Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia

Australia might be better known for its beaches and barbeques; however, Aussie nightlife should not be underestimated. The Crown Casino is the captivating design of Daryl Jackson. It is located near the Yarra River in the most beautiful landscape. It plays many more beauty cards with the lights show, the scenic wells and the exquisite lines of stunning buildings.

The buildings are more understated than most casinos around the world. Here a sense of luxury is created in the celebration of beauty.

Casino De Genting, Bentong, Malaysia

While you are in the area, having enjoyed the beauty of Australia, why not make a hop and skip to Malaysia. Like its Aussie counterpart, there is nothing ostentatious about the architectural choices. The buildings make the most of the stunning landscape in which they stand. What is extraordinarily over the top is the list of facilities you can enjoy including theme parks, museums, rollercoasters, and themed restaurants. You will not be short of things to do – if you can pull yourself away from the slots.

Casino Baden, Baden, Austria

The casino itself claims it is the “symbiosis of historical ambience and the latest technology.” The classical architectural is purely European, demure and elegant. However, walk into the gaming room and you will be assaulted with the flashing lights, the cabaret music and the spacious rooms fit for the galas they sometimes host.

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