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Technology Your Clients Didn’t Know They Wanted in Nashville, Tennessee

Aug 27, 2021

Technology for clients in Nashville, Tennessee

A good architect knows how to give their clients a well-planned and aesthetically pleasing home plan. However, a great architect is able to draw information from their clients about their family life, career, hobbies, and aspirations. They can then showcase creative and affordable home plans that their clients never knew they needed. Here are a few current home technology trends to consider integrating into a new home construction.

Home Automation

Designing a new home for a client needs to mesh with their future needs seamlessly. This includes staying on top of current technology trends concerning home automation. If your clients travel a lot, then a home automation system may even offer significant savings on insurance premiums.

For many clients, convenience and saving time is an integral factor for building a new home in the first place. Perhaps they want to be closer to their job, or have a more manageable house with fewer maintenance requirements. Home automation can seem daunting for a less tech-friendly client, but they likely can’t imagine life without it once they understand how user-friendly it is.

Home Audio

If you ask your guests if they want to spend additional money to pre-wire their custom home, the answer might be no, especially while they see the bills stacking up. However, once you take a few minutes to adequately explain the costs and benefits of pre-wiring a home for audio, we doubt many would then disagree.

The average cost of pre-wiring a home for audio is roughly $150, whereas a retrofit is easily $1000. Even if your clients are not interested in music themselves, the added resale value for their home will easily warrant the initial cost. Moreover, older guests may appreciate the intercom capabilities.

Home Theater

A dedicated space as a home theater might seem like a pipe dream for some clients. However, the massive scope in possible designs means that having their dreams become a reality might very well be within grasp. Families spend more time at home than ever before, and the trend towards home entertaining is likely to continue. Therefore, showcasing the benefits of having earth-shaking sound and a movie theatre experience at home shouldn’t be a hard sell.

Home Office

The requirements of a home office used to be a flat surface and access to power. However, these days, most clients have professions that require an aspect of working from home. Planning for this can significantly improve their experience, as well as productivity and enjoyment.

Ask your clients if they, or any of their family members, also have a side hustle or hobby as an influencer, podcaster, or musician. For example, the teenager in the house may have more followers online than most businesses in the area. Show them how they can take this experience to the next level with an integrated creative space right in their own home.

Technology Your Clients Didn’t Know They Wanted in Nashville Summary

Whether your clients are young professionals looking to improve their work-life balance or empty nesters that shy away from technology, it is essential that an architect knows the latest home technology options that can add value and functionality to their home.

Technology for clients in Nashville, Tennessee USA city buildings

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