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Interior designer living room trends

November 18, 2022

Interior designer living room trends guide

Interior designers share living room trends that’ll be huge and trends that will be out in 2023

One trend we are going to see more in living rooms is utilising the space for multiple uses. This has been trending since COVID-19, but now it’s spreading like wildfire. Designers are recreating mini home office corners or libraries in living rooms, said David Clarke, CEO of Basement Guides.

It adds to the multifunctionality of the space, as more people are working remotely nowadays. So, it will be a norm to see open areas divided into smaller sections, such as a reading corner.

Minimalistic furniture is still going to be trendy in the coming years. That’s because it doesn’t overcrowd the space with chunky pieces. The free space can be utilized to conduct activities for your mental and physical well-being, such as yoga or exercise. This minimalistic lifestyle is gaining popularity more after the increase in awareness regarding mental health during the pandemic, shared by the CEO of a roofing company – Invision Roofing.

Minimalist living rooms will make a grand entry into the housing market. People are getting more and more obsessed with making their living rooms as modern as possible. Nowadays, living rooms are used as a decor trend rather than an actual area to sit and engage with guests. It also helps in improving home value, giving homeowners a viable need to invest.

More mirrors will be seen in the living rooms. Mirrors help in maximizing light and give an overall contemporary yet antique look to the place said David Lee, Interior Designer at a Mirror company – Neutypechic.

Florals are a classic springtime trend that can be added to living rooms to add a new dimension, said Jamie Penney, Founder of a backyard blog –The Back Yard Pros. For example, play around with tropical florals, oversized blooms and chintz. However, in 2023, flowers like poppies will become popular because of their natural feel.

We are going to see more vintage furniture making its way back into living rooms. With the current supply chain issues showing no signs of letting up, homeowners will be more inclined to source vintage pieces and repurpose older furniture and decor pieces in their living rooms. This will not only give greater focus to sustainability but will also be more budget-friendly, said Rashard Alomari, a home renovation & real estate expert at Fair Cash Deal.

He further added, the trend of clashing colour combinations will continue to be popular. A carefully chosen color combination can bring an air of joy to the living room. People look for shades that both comfort and enliven them, sustaining this trend’s recent popularity. However, people will continue to look for balance – integrating more neutral tones to offset the bolder hues will bring calmness when you need to focus.

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